Ski instruction on YouTube ( and weird side bar )

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 mike123 15 Dec 2020

YouTube strangeness afoot . I was watching a video about fermented foods that I had "searched up " ( teenagers in da house ) because the chap ( sandor Katz was interviewed on pizza quest, a webshow I watch occasionally  , has some interesting ideas. ) In the side bar :  music I have recently watched , diy type thing and then this ......( sking instruction )

It's quiet good . But how tge f;()& does  YouTube Know I need this ?

anyway , back to the point , recommendations for ski instruction please ? There are lots obviously , so who do you like ? 

I think I m probably a typical self taught climber ....get down most  things  but ...........

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Deb Armstrong has a good YouTube channel with lots of tips on pretty much everything alpine skiing related. Stompit tutorials have started making more general ski tips videos rather than just the freestyle stuff the channel started with. Then there is the Ski Lessons from Elate media seem to be geared more to intermediate and beginner skiers and are shot in that kind of style. 

 HeMa 15 Dec 2020
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For the first, the keywords are cookies and cross app/platform tracking. 

for the latter. No clue 

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Ski school by elate media. 

 Crimp Eastwood 02 Jan 2021
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Another vote for Stomp It Tutorials, very well broken down tutorials for the alpine stuff as well as a wealth of freestyle. Got me a long way on my ski season.

mysterion 02 Jan 2021
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Stomp It

First day skiing

Probably best to learn sideslip and snowplough before going onto the lifts though, and best to avoid button lifts completely until you can parallel ski

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