Skins not gripping

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I have a pair of coltex skins that seem way less grippy than they used to be; I seem to be slipping on tracks that previously I would have had no problem with.

They dont appear to be visibly worn and haven't seen that much action (50 days max I'd estimate).

Anyone experienced this and have a potential solution? Waxing seems to apply more to stopping them freezing...


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If you ski in prepared tracks that others use over time your skins will pick up wax from others skis, especially if many are using milder temps klister. You can buy skin cleaner.

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 LastBoyScout 15 Jan 2022
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Have you got them on the right way?


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50 days is quite a lot. I find coltex skins quite slick compared to my last K2 skins. I've probably only used mine for 20 days, and suspect next winter I will need a new set. My friend in the alps who skis loads more than me confirmed that if using a lot you do need new every year or two, she then resigns the older ones to using in less problematic settings, and keeps the new for more serious terrain, alternating a few sets makes them last longer. 

 Timy2 16 Jan 2022
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Im still using Colltwx skins that I bought in 1984! No problem with them although I have had to split them to accomadate wider skis.  Have you tried putting more of your weight towards the back of the skis?  That often helps.

 Purple 16 Jan 2022
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Compare the nap along the length of the skin by feel (perhaps you've done this?) - rub a finger tail to tip. If overly worn you'll feel less resistance over the worn areas. Likely the centre of the skin will be more worn than the towards the tail and tip - enough to cause the problems you describe. 50 decent days out is certainly enough to end the working life of some skins. I've just chucked some out this morning that have had it after that much use.

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Tight wad... get some new skins ...

(Joking, just wanted to say it 🤣)

 Xharlie 21:00 Mon
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I've recently decided that my skin's grip is mostly based on the weather. Yesterday, I was in Kleinwalsertal, Austria, and I could basically skin straight up. A week ago, I was somewhere more to the East and I was having a terrible time of it.

(All things are relative, of course. On yesterday's tour, one bloke in front of me (in another party) had deployed his ski-crampons and I'm really not sure what that was about because they certainly weren't needed.)

 ianstevens 22:38 Mon
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Clean them - you can get special cleaner for this very job. Then wax.

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