/ Snowblades/Skiboards for ski touring?

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Dave8850 - on 16 Apr 2018

Anyone tried using skiboards of the longer type eg 125 - 135cm for ATwork or ski mountaineering? Just wondering if an AT binding mounted on such ski ( the wider ones)  would allow for effective ascent/descent, with the tradeoffs being easier turning ability versus 'float' on powder etc. Have two disabled legs which makes fore-aft control on regular planks difficult, so am keen to test out different ski descent platforms. I tried using a 135cm Salomon Snowblades a while back - sweet to turn in chop but lacks torsional rigidity at speed. I'm 5'8" and 155lbs. Didnt use it in powder (too narrow I think). For ski mountaineering, I would have also thought the shorter lengths might make for easier bootpacking over sections you cant ski - dearth of info out there - happy to hear experiences. Thanks

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kipman725 - on 16 Apr 2018
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Haven't used them yet but I mounted some 130cm Hagan Extremes (~1kg) with Emery Chrono AT bindings (500g) (3kg/pr).  They can take ski boots or climbing boots.  I think they are going to be pretty awfull down hill on anything but a smooth surface but I mainly did it for the uphill where they should be totaly fine.  

Dave8850 - on 24 Apr 2018
In reply to kipman725:

Emery Chrono? Never heard of them but will check em out. As well s Silveretta 500s - yes the Hagan range of short and fat skis might be worth looking at. Just dredged out my late 2000s era Salomon VErse snowblade (130cm) ....

HeMa on 24 Apr 2018
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Paging TobyA and his clownshoes. White courtecyphone please. 

Doug on 24 Apr 2018
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I vaguely remember Emery Chronos from maybe the early 1990s when they were fairly popular (but already a bit old?), at least in France where I lived part of the time. I think I used part of the heel piece from a pair to give heel lifts & ski crampons to a pair of skis with telemark bindings but so long ago I no longer have the skis to check.

I suppose you might find a pair on ebay or the like but I'm sure there must be something more modern

edit to add a link to further information & a photo (in French)

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kipman725 - on 24 Apr 2018
In reply to Doug:

Here is a picture of one of my skis.  The plastic of the binding seems fine despite its age.  It does have some release systems on the toe and heel but they are nowhere near the sophistication of a modern alpine binding.   If the toe is rotated with enough force it will overcome compressing a piece of rubber and rotate.  If enough force is put vertically through the heel it will cause rubber bands to stretch allowing the heel lever to come apart which pings it off.

A lot more info about the binding is here:

Considering its light weight (500g) and that it holds the boot very firmly to the ski and is easy to use I'm supprised that nothing modern is like this.



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top cat on 24 Apr 2018
In reply to Dave8850:

Hagan Off Limits Ski and Silvretta 500/515/555 bindings, job done.

Skis are 130cm long,130/90/? mm wide, semi twin tip. Ski very well for a short ski.

Rossini did one just the same called Yahoo, I have both.I


Dave8850 - on 26 Apr 2018
In reply to top cat:

The 130s of mine are Salomon Verse 500s which are only 107/73/96, so again, not ideal for snow other than spring snow or groomers. The Hagans are definitely something to consider as many reviews by users in the backcountry seem to make them a solid competitor to the more conventional AT setups with longer skis....Got my Sollies cheap a decade ago, and thinking of modding them with  Silvretta 500 set...with both lower leg disabilities, I'ma  bit agnostic about what looks'good' on the mountain and more about effective and safe ski platforms in the backcountry. Thanks for the thoughts

Dave8850 - on 26 Apr 2018
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I've seen the hagan offlimits and spruce sherpa crop up as good skiboard alternatives ( vs skis) to AT work. Just wondering if there are lighter versions. Great specs, just a tad heavy(?)

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