/ Snowblades/Skiboards for ski touring?

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Dave8850 - on 16 Apr 2018

Anyone tried using skiboards of the longer type eg 125 - 135cm for ATwork or ski mountaineering? Just wondering if an AT binding mounted on such ski ( the wider ones)  would allow for effective ascent/descent, with the tradeoffs being easier turning ability versus 'float' on powder etc. Have two disabled legs which makes fore-aft control on regular planks difficult, so am keen to test out different ski descent platforms. I tried using a 135cm Salomon Snowblades a while back - sweet to turn in chop but lacks torsional rigidity at speed. I'm 5'8" and 155lbs. Didnt use it in powder (too narrow I think). For ski mountaineering, I would have also thought the shorter lengths might make for easier bootpacking over sections you cant ski - dearth of info out there - happy to hear experiences. Thanks

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kipman725 - on 16 Apr 2018
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Haven't used them yet but I mounted some 130cm Hagan Extremes (~1kg) with Emery Chrono AT bindings (500g) (3kg/pr).  They can take ski boots or climbing boots.  I think they are going to be pretty awfull down hill on anything but a smooth surface but I mainly did it for the uphill where they should be totaly fine.  

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