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MooseMouse - on 29 Feb 2012
I'm in Zurich for work mid March and am after suggestions for ski-tours during a long weekend. I've got Thursday evening until Sunday night.
I could travel Thursday evening and must be back at Zurich about 7pm Sunday.

I'm thinking of getting to a hut to do day tours, but I've never skied in this part of the world so having trouble getting a quick answer about if this is a worthwhile trip?

Any suggestions gratefully received! Silvretta maybe?

Blinder - on 29 Feb 2012
In reply to MooseMouse: around Engleburgh may be?
HeMa on 29 Feb 2012
In reply to Blinder:
> (In reply to MooseMouse) around Engleburgh may be?

Yah... prolly from top of Titlis southwards... there's a hut near Sustenpass, and something worth touring there as well..
MooseMouse - on 29 Feb 2012
In reply to Blinder:

Top idea, Thanks! I've even been there in the summer years ago on the alpine pass route!
Less than 2 hours by train also.
Just need some ideas for hut tours now!
I probably should have mentioned that I will be on my own, so should probably be looking for none glacial terrain.
MooseMouse - on 29 Feb 2012
In reply to HeMa:

Great, I'll take a look at the Sustenpass!
Doug on 29 Feb 2012
In reply to MooseMouse: I had a weekend at Sustenpass many years ago and have always wanted to go back. Not sure when the road up to the hotel opens but once it is, there is (was ?) bunkhouse accommodation at the hotel & its only a couple of hours up to the Tierberglihütte (good for the Sustenhorn but some glaciated terrain)
Cellinski - on 29 Feb 2012
A few suggestions:

Tour 1:
Day1: Göschenen - Voralphütte
Day2: Voralphütte - Sustenhorn - Tierberglihütte
Day3: Tierberglihütte - Hinter Tierberg - Giglistock - Gadmen

Tour 2:
Day1: Wolfenschiessen - Bannalp - Wissigstock - Rugghubelhütte
Day2: Rugghubelhütte - Brunnistock - St. Jakob/Isenthal

Tour 3:
Day1: Urnerboden - Gemsfairenstock - Claridenhütte
Day2: Claridenhütte - Clariden - (Schärhorn) - Planurahütte
Day3: Planurahütte - Tödi - Tierfehd/Linthal or Disentis

Tour 4:
Day1: Bergün - Chamanna digl Kesch
Day2: Chamanna digl Kesch - Piz Kesch - Scalettapass - Chamanna Grialetsch
Day3: Chamanna Grialetsch - Piz Sarsura - Zernez/Susch

They are all good and very beautiful - make your choice! Of course, there are loads of other possibilities.
LukeO - on 29 Feb 2012
In reply to MooseMouse:

Lots of good ideas above. A great resource to research those suggestions and to find more is:-

There are lots of reports so you could always leave your planning to the last minute and go where the weather/conditions are best.

It's none of my business what you get up to but I would err on the side of caution going alone. The swiss topo ski maps are helpful in indicating terrain that is at risk of avalanche (coloured orange over a certain angle) but nevertheless I am very wary without a friend with a transceiver, pole and shovel.

Good luck finding a nice tour and hope this helps.

MooseMouse - on 19 Mar 2012
In reply to LukeO:

Thanks for all the replies above, I've been googling like crazy because I leave tomorrow and hope to get out on the skis on Friday.
espeically keeping an eye on that conditions web site.

Any other ideas gratefully received. I'm especially interested in none glacial routes, being on my own and all.
I'm flying via Zurich, somewhere within a couple of hours public transport of Zurich airport would be good to get back for my evening flight.

I hadn't noticed that shading on Swiss topo ski maps LukeO, all my maps being somewhat antiquated! I'll invest in the up to date version where ever a I go. I'm ever careful regarding the avalanche risk, but thinking about it I've only ever been avalanched (twice) when out with other people!
MooseMouse - on 28 Mar 2012
Thanks for all the top trip tips everyone. I tried booking a space in RugghubelHutte's winter room but the warden wasn't too keen for me to be up there alone.
I was knackered on Friday and opted for a day skiing at Engelberg with a short romp up Titlis for a picnic, with excellent powder snow on the descent with fresh tracks still possible.
Saturday I tried Grassen but was defeated a couple of hundred meters from the summit, still a top day out tho.
Sunday I was going to go round to Oberrickenbach - Bannalp and have a go at Wissigstock on the way back to the airport, but it turns out there are no baggage lockers at Wolfenschiessen station, so that was going to be difficult logistically. Instead I did the Wissberg from the top of Furenalp cable car which was ace!
Thanks again for the advice.

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