/ XC Ski trip locations: Seefeld?

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greg_may_ - on 08 Jan 2013
Looks like an XC ski trip is on the cards as the other half wants to do something different and we're not really a warm beach sorta couple. Planning for the last week in February.

Anyone been XC skiing in Seefeld? Have had a few people recommend it as it has a nice mixture of trail standards.

Would be flying from Manchester then assume its possible to get a train from Innsbruke? Any ideas? Would be interested in the more budget side of accommodation if anyone knows of anywhere.

Also up for ideas of other places to go! Had originally planned Aviemore, but we want to make sure we get some snow, also bit of altitude training cant hurt
AG - on 08 Jan 2013
In reply to greg_may_: nordseter or sjujoen in Norway (near lilliehammer) is great for XC. Nice weather perfect trails and the option of long trails down to lilliehammer and get the bus back up!. Norwegian air do cheap flights to oslo then its a 2 hour train trip to lilliehammer, then taxi/bus to sjusjoen .
Doug on 08 Jan 2013
In reply to AG: Jura can be very good & is close to Geneva airport, I guess there's local transport but have always had a car so can't really comment, have stayed at Maison du Montagnon which I'd recommend ( ). I'm just back from the Queyras which has several XC areas which can be linked by ski or bus and which I've visited many times, both for XC & ski touring but maybe a bit far from nearest airport (Turino ? Grenoble ?)
greg_may_ - on 09 Jan 2013
In reply to greg_may_:

Thanks for all the replies, looks like I need to do a bit of thinking further afield. Definitely thinking more budget than expensive so some of the Scandanavian countries may be out of our budget. Might take a look at some of the more eastern countries when I get a chance.

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