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mike123 - on 07:34 Tue

my scarpa maestrales  really need tinkering with . I had a third hand really battered pair of the blue Denali s which didn't fit that badly , a pair of the red Denali TT S which fitted like a glove ( I bought them on sale at snell sports and the guy really took his time and despite looking about 12 obviously really knew his stuff ). I now have a pair of maetrales which are pinching by one the buckles and just don't feel right. To be honest I could put with it but would prefer not to. I had a custom fit done in a shop that has now gone bust and I got the feeling that the chap only had half an idea. I ve now asked about getting them sorted in a couple of shops and the response has been less than enthusiastic. So in short my question is : have you taken a pair of boots to a uk shop that you didn't buy them from and got them sorted ? I

edit : I don't know that the shop went bust , but it has shut .

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OwenDay - on 07:55 Tue
In reply to mike123:

If you're not getting anywhere with shops you can always do it yourself at home.


If it's the buckle and not a poor first moulding of your liner you can do this



blurty - on 10:41 Tue
In reply to mike123:

You could throw your self on BackCountry (Ilkley) 's mercy and see if they would would help you out on a quiet day mid-week?


Wanderlust - on 12:22 Tue
In reply to mike123:

When I worked at Snow+Rock, we would modify any old boots (not bought with us) for a small fee. Worth a look if you have one locally.

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