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mike123 - on 17 Apr 2018

my scarpa maestrales  really need tinkering with . I had a third hand really battered pair of the blue Denali s which didn't fit that badly , a pair of the red Denali TT S which fitted like a glove ( I bought them on sale at snell sports and the guy really took his time and despite looking about 12 obviously really knew his stuff ). I now have a pair of maetrales which are pinching by one the buckles and just don't feel right. To be honest I could put with it but would prefer not to. I had a custom fit done in a shop that has now gone bust and I got the feeling that the chap only had half an idea. I ve now asked about getting them sorted in a couple of shops and the response has been less than enthusiastic. So in short my question is : have you taken a pair of boots to a uk shop that you didn't buy them from and got them sorted ? I

edit : I don't know that the shop went bust , but it has shut .

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OwenDay - on 17 Apr 2018
In reply to mike123:

If you're not getting anywhere with shops you can always do it yourself at home.


If it's the buckle and not a poor first moulding of your liner you can do this



blurty - on 17 Apr 2018
In reply to mike123:

You could throw your self on BackCountry (Ilkley) 's mercy and see if they would would help you out on a quiet day mid-week?


Wanderlust - on 17 Apr 2018
In reply to mike123:

When I worked at Snow+Rock, we would modify any old boots (not bought with us) for a small fee. Worth a look if you have one locally.

Phil Ev - on 02 Jun 2018
In reply to mike123:


I work at BackcountryUK, we'll do it for you no problem.

If it's a straight forward shell stretch (usually on the outside either below the top instep buckle, 5th met base, or below the fist buckle, back from little toe) then it won't cost very much.

Worth touching base first as though we're quiet over summer we still have appointments going on.





This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.