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worthy1 - on 19 Apr 2012
I've been climbing minimum twice a week at my local climbing centre for the past 7 months and have just started climbing 6b's. I have climbed two consecutive evenings this week and my arms (bingo wings) are still aching! Is this normal or what am I doing wrong?
poeticshambles - on 19 Apr 2012
In reply to 0Amanda0: Well, I think a little pain is good as it means you're ripping your muscles and new fibres will replace tears. But i think you have to be careful not to go overboard. Just sounds like you've done a little more than usual, which ok, but now let them heal before you climb again.

worthy1 - on 20 Apr 2012
In reply to poeticshambles:
Not sure I like the thought of ripping my muscles ! It's my upper arms that are giving me the most grief. Think it's from doing moves having my arms fully stretched upwards and then having to smear. My arms have never agonised me like this before even having lead overhangs!
SonyaD on 20 Apr 2012
In reply to Anonymous: I think what the above poster is referring too is the theory that after intense activity there may be microscopic tears in the muscle and after a couple of days these are replaced by stronger fibres and this is how muscle can adapt and is actually a healthy response. Only not healthy when the muscles aren't given a chance to repair and that's when injury can perhaps set in. Or so the theory of 'delayed onset muscle soreness' goes I believe. Although I'm not sure if there is evidence that it can damage muscle. Dunno.
Quiddity - on 20 Apr 2012
Steve230681 - on 20 Apr 2012
In reply to 0Amanda0:

Having trained for 7 months you should have a good feel for how your body feels when you have normal muscle soreness. If it feels worse than this it could be an injury.

I would take a week off and do some light cardio and get a sports massage and re-asses after a week off.
worthy1 - on 20 Apr 2012
In reply to Steve230681:

Although I've been climbing for 7 months it's only this week I've been climbing 6bs most of which I'm able to complete albeit with a few falls! Arms are fine now so probably over did it. Will not do as many 6b walls in next session !
I'm finding that most of the 6b routes at my local wall require my arms to be fully stretched out with my fingers just managing to get a grip on the handhold before I can then smear to the next foothold = hardwork for an 8.6st weakling with little muscles !
Steve230681 - on 20 Apr 2012
In reply to 0Amanda0:

Great it sounds like your muscles are just getting used to the increased load you are placing on them A week off won't hurt if you haven't had a rest week for 7 months though. Have fun.
Birdmanuk - on 23 Apr 2012
In reply to worthy1: Hi ya I can also depend on who sets the routes for instace at my local wall 2 6a+ routes side by side one is like a 6b to be honest and this was set by someone else so I am told. Depends who grades them too...

hope the arms are all better now.


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