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Danbow73 - on 29 Sep 2013
Hi Guys

Really want to get into alpine climbing. Has anyone got any tips on how to do it? Based in birmingham and have some winter mountaineering in scotland and lead trad at Severe comfortably. Looked into joining the club but the system of joining seems a bit snobish for a lot of them and have heard some bad things about some clubs in the local area so not really looking to do that. If anyone had any other ideas that would be awesome.

Trangia on 29 Sep 2013
ByEek on 02 Oct 2013
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In reply to Danbow73: The first introduction to Alpine climbing for most usually starts with a flight / long drive to the Alps. You don't necessarily need different skills to climb in the Alps. There are routes for all abilities and styles. Just do your homework and decide what is within your limits. There are plenty of instructional videos and books where you can learn new techniques and people on the ground will guide you to safe places where you can practice them in "real" conditions.

Or you can blow some serious money on a course.

Whichever suits you but I have found that climbing is more about common sense than much else.
mattrm - on 02 Oct 2013
In reply to Danbow73:

Check out the Conville courses if you're under 30.

Don't blow off clubs based on what others say. Go along and see for yourself. Most clubs will let you go along to a meet to see what they're like first. If you don't like them, then don't join, but it's a good way to meet folk and get some climbing done.
davidbeynon on 02 Oct 2013
In reply to Danbow73:

Whichever option you go for, you can't be too fit. Do a lot of walking & maybe running before you go. The ability to keep going all day is important.

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