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jayna 08 Jun 2019

Hello friends!

I have been climbing for about 4 years now. I have experience of sport climbing easy grades and climb a little harder indoors. I am super keen to work towards a rock climbing qualification but have not lead trad routes, which I need in order to start a course. 

Are there any climbers out there in the process of getting qualified who might be able to teach me trad? I live in Fife and am happy to travel to the Lakes. Of course I’m happy to make a financial contribution if necessary. 

Oooor if anyone is aware of other affordable options, I welcome them too!

Thanks for reading!


StockportAl 09 Jun 2019
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You might want to have a look at this item from last week, https://www.ukclimbing.com/forums/lifts+partners/mci_trainee_scotland-705425?v=1#x8998133

Deadeye 09 Jun 2019
ericinbristol 09 Jun 2019
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The vast majority of us learn to lead trad by seconding trad for a while so that we see how someone leads, learn about gear placements by taking them out (or trying to) and usually by lead repeating some things we have seconded comfortably. You might want to try that way forward. Often taking gear out is slower than placing it and so you get good training for the hanging around placing it. Going straight from sport climbing/indoor lead climbing to trad leading will not work at all well usually as they are so different from each other. There are plenty of trad leaders who are very happy to have someone willing to second them - no money need change hands.

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Wren67 09 Jun 2019
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ericinbristol makes some good points Jayna.

Also, maybe check ot the Women's Trad Festival? Tickets for this year's event go on sale at 7pm tomorrow (Monday 10th). If you're interested you'll need to be quick because last year they sold out in just a few minutes.

barry donovan 09 Jun 2019
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Very true - the classic apprenticeship route is a good one. Second and developed some mileage. If you choose a professional to coach you in the future there is something in place worth doing your money  on.  

I have worked with indoor climbers that can lead Tesco’s Window but just have a real steep learning experience going straight into the deep end. 

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