/ Anyone climb at Kilnworx???

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WiseManDave on 04 Oct 2013 -
Hi, Does anyone on here climb at Kilnworks?

I boulder at AW Stoke and rope up at Audley Climbing Centre but have avoided Kilnworks so far. Admitedly that is fairly poor I know but this has mainly been due to less than positive reccomendations from a few friends and the £15 first entry fee.

Can anyone tell me, hve things changed down there? Is it worth a visit?

Thanks in advance. D.
Alistair Corbett - on 04 Oct 2013
In reply to WiseManDave: I climb there on the odd occasion . I think its getting better, the routes are pretty interesting with a sort of grit feel. Slightly harsh grading tho and sometimes erratic but more realistic to outdoors climbing and awesome walls. Id say get yourself down there plus the guy that owns it is sound, I got a free tea last time!
WiseManDave on 08 Oct 2013 -
In reply to Alistair Corbett:
Thanks for the reply Alistair, i will have to give it a try soon.
Its Audley this week for me so perhaps next weeks mission will be to come check it out.
I heard that they hosted a round of the leading ladder last year. Did anyone have an opinion on their route setting for the comp?
Paul Hy - on 17 Oct 2013
In reply to WiseManDave: i've been many times and can't understand where you got the bad word from. ok it's smaller than Wolf Mountain, Red Point, Stockport etc but compared to Audley it's MASSIVE. What i like about it is the bigger percentage of lead routes than any of the other walls around here and are well graded. The £15 first entry fee is a life membership,this saves you £2 every time you go and it also includes your first entry (£7)so you only have to go 4 times to get it back!! So Dave, if you are a wise man you know what to do!
mrdigitaljedi - on 17 Oct 2013
In reply to WiseManDave:Hi dave like paul said its not the biggest place to climb but it has got some graet lead climbs, the staff r friendly and approachable, and its got a good atmosphere. I only live 2 miles away and 6 from longton AW, but go kilnworx more..................

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.