/ Buying used gear yay or nay??

L TattyJJ - on 06 Feb 2018

Just wondering what popular opinion was on buying used kit?

I'm looking to further my collection of gear, i'm after a rope or two primarily.
The gf suggested seeing if there are any about second hand cheeper, and indeed there are several going cheap on Facebook marketplace.

Something doesn't quite sit right buying things like ropes used, is this a well founded 'gut feeling' or if the condition of them is good no problem?

Ta muchly

Mountain Llama on 06 Feb 2018
In reply to TattyJJ:

For me buying krabs and nuts second hand no issue as you have a good chance of spotting abuse.

Ropes, cams and slings second hand no way for me as it's virtually impossible to see abuse.

Jenny C on 06 Feb 2018
In reply to TattyJJ:

Krabs and other metal work 'should' be fine, but I would be very wary with textiles (including ropes). 

Buying off other climbers on here I would hope people will be honest and only sell if they believe the gear to be safe. Ebay and similar I would keep well clear of for second hand PPE. 

Greasy Prusiks on 06 Feb 2018
In reply to TattyJJ:

Not a good plan, especially if you're new to climbing, it's hard enough for experienced climbers to spot a mistreated rope. There's some good new deals around though, what are you looking for? 

L TattyJJ - on 06 Feb 2018
In reply to Greasy Prusiks:


Pretty much what I thought then!

I’m after a 35-40 meter length of rope, mostly for indoor use but want to do some outdoor stuff come summer. On a budget!

buzby - on 06 Feb 2018
In reply to TattyJJ:

As above really, when I sold my climbing rack, I only advertised the rack itself but when the guy came to pick it up I gave him  the ropes for free.

The idea being if I wasn't selling them for profit there was no incentive  to tell any lies about their history.

No idea if he took me at my word and used them or not.

mik82 - on 06 Feb 2018
In reply to TattyJJ:

A 40m rope can be picked up new for less than 50 quid. I'm not sure you could get more 'budget' than that. 

Greasy Prusiks on 06 Feb 2018
In reply to TattyJJ:

I use one of these for that sort of thing...

Decent rope, nothing I'd change really. 

Jamie Wakeham - on 06 Feb 2018
In reply to TattyJJ:


There are places to shave pennies off, but this isn't one of them.

L TattyJJ - on 07 Feb 2018

Both of those look pretty good to me. Shop at my local wall wants double that!

GrahamD - on 07 Feb 2018
In reply to TattyJJ:

Soft gear, no, metal gear only if I really trusted the source.  Otherwise we leave ourselves open to recirculating knocked off climbing gear.

BrendanO - on 07 Feb 2018
In reply to TattyJJ:

If really skint, can you go halfs with yr usual climbing ptnr on a 30 or 40m rope?


should be able to get it for under £50, shop around and get lucky and much cheaper often.

If gf thinks you're being decadent, ask what it's worth spending to get u home safe.

jkarran - on 07 Feb 2018
In reply to TattyJJ:

Ropes are a disposable wear item. I'd happily buy one from a mate/acquaintance if it was merely surplus to requirements, not their colour etc. I wouldn't buy one 'part used' from a stranger, it's false economy and there's an element of pointless risk.

30m ropes are cheap and plenty good enough for getting started cragging in a lot of places. If you're going to be going somewhere bigger or more serious requiring longer ropes to open up access end escape then consider getting one half rope and a 30m full rope. That's a very flexible combination that won't break the bank. Use the 30 as much as you can, you'll make mistakes as you learn and it'll hurt less when you damage it.


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dr_botnik - on 07 Feb 2018
In reply to TattyJJ:

There's nothing worse than not trusting you're gear. When you're 10 metres off the deck, saving yourself a tenner seems somewhat less important....

Wormfood - on 07 Feb 2018
In reply to TattyJJ:

That Beal is really good value. Bit bright, but that's nice in the dark!

Neil Williams - on 07 Feb 2018
In reply to TattyJJ:

I'd buy metalwork but not ropes.  Much easier to see if there are problems with the former.

L TattyJJ - on 09 Feb 2018

It's all good, just ordered myself 35m of Beal Antidote. Best i can tell should do me fine as a first rope to abuse with lots of falls