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holmesy on 06 Dec 2012 -
Hi all i've been climbing now for several years and would like advice on ice climbing crampon to fit my boots so I can try ice climbing for the first time. There leather Zamberlan boots with vibram sole. they apear to have small front groove and rear step. I presume they'll take a clip in crampon of some sort but not to sure. Hope someone can help.
highclimber - on 06 Dec 2012
In reply to holmesy: go to a shop with your boots and a good range of different crampons. get them to fit them to your boots to see which fit the best. sorry i can't be more helpful than that but i've no idea about zamberlan boots other than what you describe which could very well be a B2 type boot designed for semi rigid crampons
The Ex-Engineer - on 07 Dec 2012
In reply to holmesy: Currently, the best all round climbing crampons (as opposed to general mountaineering ones more suited for Alpine peaks) are probably the Petzl Lynx -

However, they are only any use if they fit your boots. So taking your boots shopping with you is a must. If not them, then you have decent alternatives in the Grivel G14 or Black Diamond Cyborg.

All 3 are all rather expensive and you can ice-climb up to an extremely high standard in more traditional mountaineering crampons like the very popular Grivel G12s which you can pick up a fair bit cheaper.

The Needlesport website is as good a place as any to find fairly objective and concise info on most of the options for both mountaineering crampons as well as dedicated climbing crampons -
Kelloggs77 on 07 Dec 2012
Grivel G10s are a good option, I have used with lots of my walkkng boots. Slighly cheaper initially than G12s, however possible to get them very cheap. Google them (not shopping) and you will find them on sale somewhere. Take the website details to Go Outdoors, they will price match and.take off 10%. I got some for a friend for £73 at the end of August.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.