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pauljackson - on 24 May 2012
Hi All,

I'm based in Dorset and working towards my Single Pitch Award and looking for novices to give free introduction to climbing sessions.

I do not yet hold my Single Pitch Award, but I have completed the training course through The Calshot Activities Centre in Hampshire and I am now working towards my Assessment in October. I received very positive feedback from my training instructor and I am happy that I can offer a very worthwhile introduction to climbing day which above all will be safe!

I am, as a volunteer with membership of a BMC insured for third part liability.

If you would be interested in a free days introduction to climbing in Dorset please contact me through UKC messages or direct on 01929 427404 or 07938 478092.


FB - on 24 May 2012
In reply to pauljackson: it might be a worth while email to hampshire scouts climbing team as they are very active and prob could offer sessions with differant groups
pauljackson - on 28 May 2012
In reply to FB: Thank you for that lead and indeed I will contact them. Have had a fair few replies to my forum post so things are progressing, but more enquiries are welcome. Paul.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.