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BradleyWhite - on 16 Sep 2013

I recently attended the REC First Aid, ML Summer & SPA training courses - before I can apply for assessment I am required to log a substantial number of days leading and supervising groups.

Before I starting taking groups out I would like to have some sort of freelance instructor insurance in place.

Any advice or information on the insurance available would be greatly appreciated - apologies if this topic has already been covered.

Many thanks

highclimber - on 16 Sep 2013
In reply to BradleyWhite:

I never bothered with insurance when logging supervising days as there was always someone with me that was qualified and ultimately in charge and fully insured.
colinw - on 16 Sep 2013
In reply to BradleyWhite:
as high climber said. Personally Ive had no problem getting log book days with all sorts of groups at all sorts of centres (private and local authority) all done through "their" insurance as being non qual you would be an extra body anyway. Once you have your tickets and are "leading" sessions then worry about insurance.
Contact as many providers as you can and get yourself out there. My log book voluntary work has in most cases led to some paid work once I got the ticket. I still do a bit of voluntary with one of the charities I found as I enjoy the sessions and client group. Dont forget to get a job lot of personal days out with your mates too! Its all experience. Good luck.
edordead - on 16 Sep 2013
In reply to BradleyWhite:

Check the terms of your BMC insurance - I believe taking sessions when a trainee for ML/SPA etc. is specifically included for you.

isi_o - on 16 Sep 2013
In reply to edordead:
Ed is correct - there was a debate over this a few months ago in the context of MIA trainees, but the same applies for ML/ SPA trainees. I believe the upshot is that if you are a member of BMC/ MCofS then you are covered when taking people out so long as you are not taking a fee in any way (including expenses etc.) in the same way that you would be if you weren't an award holder and were taking mates out. It's civil liability insurance so covers you if something goes wrong and you get the blame - not personal accident insurance. I'm sure somebody will come along who knows more about it than I do, but that's the gist of it anyway (I hope!).
BradleyWhite - on 20 Sep 2013
Thank you for all the advice guys - really appreciate it!

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