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Steve nevers on 21 Apr 2013
Hello all,

I've sent off my application for BMC membership and also been keeping a logbook of sorts, but I've been receiving some conflicting info from a wall that runs a sort of CWA course and from the BMCs info pack thing. The walls theory seems to involve quite a lot of giving them cash for something i could do for cheaper strangely enough! But nevermind that, I'm just keen to get a clearer picture of what i should be doing to get things together and go for the assessments.

Could someone who knows their way around these courses please give me some insight of what direction i should be moving in? Things like who and what i need to be registered with, amount of seconding/shadowing i need to be doing, standard of grades/logbook etc.

RagingSphere - on 21 Apr 2013
In reply to Steve nevers:

Hi Steve, check out the MTA website, all the info you need is pretty much there.

If you have any questions in particular then post them up and I'm sure someone will be able to answer.

stuart58 - on 21 Apr 2013
In reply to Steve nevers: Hi best way is to go to your local climbing wall and ask if you shaow or volunteer as an instructor. This way you will get the group work you need for your log book. Also climb at various location/walls and get a feel for the different gradings also for the diffrent ways that knot tying, belaying etc is taught. Boook onto a traing course ie cwa or spa and then build up your logbook prior to assssment.
The bmc should have given you the syllabus. You should only be paying for a training course and then the assessment. Also of course you have to pay for the times you use a wall.
Hope that helps a little
AlH - on 21 Apr 2013
In reply to Steve nevers: Start on this web page: . Once you have BMC/MCofS Membership you create an account on Mountain Training's Candidate Managememt System (CMS). Assuming you meet the pre-requirements (the Award handbooks with this and all the other information can downloaded by following the links on the above web page) you then register as detailed on the relevant Award's page.
All MT Awards follow the same format: pre-requirements, registration, attend a training course (all courses are listed on CMS), gain further experience, attend assessment and then as an award holder maintain a record of use of the award, recreational activity in the award subject area and CPD. Each of these stages is detailed in the Award Handbooks.
Hope that helps.
AlH - on 21 Apr 2013
In reply to stuart58: The BMC does not run te Awards, that is the job of Mountain Training. National council membership is a stipulation prior to registration for many of the Awards.
Steve nevers on 22 Apr 2013
In reply to Steve nevers: Thanks everybody. some handy pointers here. cheers!
bon - on 22 Apr 2013
In reply to Steve nevers: It will cost a little at first to start... membership with the BMC, then registering with for the award you're planning to do with the MTA and then the training of course, which does vary... worth shopping around between climbing centres and MIA instructors here.

Once you've done your CWA training, contact a number of walls and explain you've done your training and now looking to shadow sessions to gain valuable experience. Most climbing centers will be willing to help and offer you sessions you can help assist on. Be willing to travel mind.

Make sure you assist at a number of different centres for experience as some walls do have different numbers per group and some taster / birthday sessions do vary and the more varied sessions you do the more confident you'll feel and ready for your assessment.

Hope this helps and good luck!

Andy Say - on 22 Apr 2013

In reply to Steve nevers (and others...):

1. You can create an account on the Mountain Training Candidate Management System whenever you wish. Only create a brand new account if you have never registered with / done one of the awards before (otherwise there will be two of you on the system!)
2. You need to be a member of one of the mountaineering Councils (BMC / MCofS / MI) before you can register for an award.
3. You can register for the award of your choice through your Mountain Training account once you have entered your Council membership number into that account.
4. The Mountain Training Association (MTA) is a membership association offering support and further training for candidates / award holders. You do NOT register for an award with MTA.
5. Once you've registered you will be sent a logbook and scheme information handbook by the Mountain Training staff.
6. Mountain Training does not itself deliver courses; they are delivered by a network of approved providers up and down the country at varying prices and locations.
7. You normally undertake (and pay the provider for) a training course AND and assessment course.
8. There shouldn't really be 'a sort of CWA course'. It is; or it isn't - no half way house!
9. 01690 720272 will get you through to the enormously friendly staff team at Siabod Cottage who can normally answer all of your queries. Accurately.....!

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