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 luke.s27 27 Apr 2022

Hi Everyone,

My name is Luke. I am new to here, I have been hiking and then progressing onto more grade 1/2 scrambling for about the past 2 years. I live in Liverpool and really want to get into some proper scrambling and some rope work/climbing!

I don’t really have any friends who want to progress to these stages (they just like walking), however I am desperate to start. Can anyone point me in the right direction on what the best way to get started is?

Thanks in advance!


 SouthernSteve 27 Apr 2022
In reply to luke.s27:

I would try some of the local walls - go on a course and meet people that way


Alternatively, and easier with a bit more experience, go on a course at a national centre (e.g. Plas y Brenin or Glenmore Lodge). We have met some great long term climbing partners that way and gone as far as the Alps.

There are som local clubs as well - see

P.S. perhaps give some details in your profile to seem like a real person, there have been a few threads like this as an initial post before much more political and controversial posts and there is a high level of suspicion!

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 stewart murray 27 Apr 2022
In reply to luke.s27:

This might be of interest:
(Nothing to do with me, just pointing you to the post)

OP luke.s27 27 Apr 2022
In reply to SouthernSteve:

Hi Steve! Thank you for this. Perhaps joining a club may be the best way. I will also take your advice on board. Going to update profile right now.


OP luke.s27 27 Apr 2022
In reply to stewart murray:

Hi Stewart. Thanks for this!


In reply to luke.s27:

There's a Manchester based club the climbing clan ( I know its not exactly local to you but they have members based all over the North West.

Worth a Look as they like to help people new to climbing and the Hills

OP luke.s27 30 Apr 2022
In reply to MattSpider:

Thank you Matt. I will look into this.

 BuzyG 30 Apr 2022
In reply to luke.s27:

Hi Luke.  Don't know if you are interested in climbing or just scrambling. But there are a number of climbing walls in and around Liverpool.  My nephew climbs at the Hanger in Bootle. It's a great place to meet other like minded folk, as well as improving your strength and climbing skills.

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In reply to luke.s27:

Hey Luke 

as many have said before often joining a club or heading to a local wall is a good place to start, climbers are often friendly and you'll soon meet others looking to climb. your local wall should also be able to run an intro to climbing course giving you everything you need to belay, tie in etc. 

Another great step is to book an instructor who could tailor a course to your specific need when you start looking to climb outdoors. 

 mrjonathanr 26 May 2022
In reply to luke.s27:

The nearest decent crag to Liverpool is in Cronton, between Hugh Green and Widnes. I used to get the H5 there when I was young it may still run?

Try posting here

 Nomes 02 Jun 2022
In reply to luke.s27:

Hi Luke,

I realise this is a late reply but my husband and I are members of the Hangar Matchworks and would be happy to meet up with you there if you feel nervous going to a new place by yourself. We do lots of outdoor climbing too so if you wanted to get into it we'd be happy to take you. Send me a DM if you want to join us one evening


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