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jim - on 29 Dec 2013
hi i am looking for somewhere to learn to trad climb, i have climbed indoor for almost 15 years and have top roped out door and have done a bit of sport climbing as well as second a few trad climbs. but now i find my self wanting to be able to lead on trad routes. so i was looking for any recomondations or any great experiances people have had with uk based companies
thanks jim
jezb1 - on 29 Dec 2013
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I've emailed you Jim.
Mark Kemball - on 29 Dec 2013
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It would be a good idea to say which part of the country you're based so people could hook up with you. Worth watching these forums for posts from aspirant MIAs looking for practice clients. If you can afford it, a "learn to lead" course at somewhere like Plas y Brenin would set you safely in the right direction. I can recommend friends who instruct leading in the South West.
jim - on 30 Dec 2013
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I live in oxford lol. So I will have to travel where ever I go but obviously the less traveling the better as it will just bump the price up eithen more. Thanks Jim

jezb1 - on 30 Dec 2013
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Replied to your email Jim.
Cheers, Jez
THETWIG007 - on 31 Dec 2013
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Try these chaps, really helpful.
Mark Kemball - on 01 Jan 2014
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Background reading - all you really need to know (and more) in fact - Libby Peters book.
th1 on 12 Jan 2014 -
In reply to jim: Sorry, long post alert!

In addition to buying/reading manuals and going on training courses, nothing wrong with that, just keep seconding as much as possible on single pitch trad. If you are doing plenty of seconding involving gear removal, especially on well protected steeper and hard-er routes (HS-HVS), then you should be picking up trad skills and be starting leading. If you can second any route cleanly, then with some basic trad skills you stand a good chance of leading it. IMO, seconding then leading can sometimes give a better feeling of achievement than just on-siting. And it may be safer if doing grades nearer your limit.

And this might be stating the obvious, but as a beginner stick to leading well protected routes (and learn to spot them at the crag) and don´t underestimate being an attentive, serious belayer (I´m not assuming you aren´t already!). It helps find experienced trad climber partners to learn from, particularyly the experienced older variety, if you always come across as a committed belayer ;). Obviously once again, you may have some already.
th1 on 12 Jan 2014 -
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oh, from a low-intermediate climber (VS-HVS), with about 15 years climbing intermittently and about 80 trad leads,
sid68 - on 12 Jan 2014
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I've been out with the guys from Ascential ( on various courses including trad climbing, mountain days and navigation courses. Always really good fun and informative trips out so would highly recommend them if you want to develop new skills.
They are based in Worcestershire but travel all over; North Wales, Black Mountains, Pembroke, Wye Valley, Cheddar, Brean and the Peak District.

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Mark Haward - on 13 Jan 2014
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How about looking for a local club that may suit you?
th1 on 13 Jan 2014 -
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Ah yes, they did say "somewhere" to learn trad, oops missed that.

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