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bananaman - on 27 Jul 2012
Hi I am looking for climbing partners. I live near Cambridge. Am looking for indoor/outdoor partnering. Have not climbed outdoors before so looking to get out and try some real rock. I would class myself as a beginner, been bouldering for two months and have top roped only twice. Anyone want to meet for bouldering or top roping please let me know. I don't have any climbing kit, just shoes and chalk lol, but I do drive. Please see my profile. Someone at a similiar level would be good I guess. I know there is a club in Cambridge but they meet Wednesdays and I can't meet Wednesday currently. Have climbed/bouldered at Kelsey Kerridge/Big Rock MK/Stowmarket.
GrahamD - on 30 Jul 2012
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Probably still worth looking at the cccc activities on website or facebook - not sure whether we have any imminent beginners meets but that sort of thing would be ideal.
CaityDEVO on 17 Aug 2012 -
In reply to bananaman: Hey, Ive just started climbing at an outdoors centre for my summer job and want to carry on in cambs while im at uni i can belay and the basics but am not that confident yet but want to keep going looks like your in the same boat as me
1gx1 on 23 Aug 2012 -
Guys I live in Cambridgeshire and occasionally drop by Kelsey and Big Rock at MK. Mainly focus on bouldering and sport, see profile for grades and such. Hit me up with an email if you want to arrange a met.
1step2far - on 24 Aug 2012
In reply to bananaman: Hi there, I live on the east coast but often climb at Stowmarket. I'm pretty much a beginner but happy to belay etc!

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.