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linnit on 27 Oct 2013 - whois?
Hello all

I am a dad with a son that's just turned teen aghh!! and growing up all to quickly we've been looking into activities we can do together before he turns around and says "nah not bothered dad" and climbing comes out on top for us, so any advice on starting out would be appreciated I live in Doncaster.

Oceanrower - on 27 Oct 2013
In reply to linnit: Two obvious options depending whether you want to start indoors or outside.

Assuming neither of you have climbed before, a local wall will either suggest a beginners course or a "taster" session to get you started or try googling clubs around your area.

Unfortunately, quite a few clubs have restrictions on children but if you find an outside instructor, make sure he/she is registered with the AALA.

Simos on 28 Oct 2013 -
In reply to linnit:

As mentioned, finding a wall in your area and booking a beginners' course sounds like the best/easiest option especially given the weather, at least until you decide it's something you both want to get into. It's also the cheapest option usually as equipment hire is included and for sure I wouldn't start buying anything until I've done a few sessions...

You'd have to ask regarding your son obviously but I've seen A LOT younger kids at the wall that I climb so I don't think it should be a problem - you'll definitely be asked to sign for him as his guardian etc but those are all legalities.

Hope you both really enjoy it - let us know how it goes!
John_Hat - on 28 Oct 2013
In reply to linnit:

Thirded about finding a local wall and booking a beginners or a taster session. The Leeds Wall is pretty good and I know that does beginner courses.

After that then local walls will generally both have wall-to-rock courses and also kids climbing clubs.
Jon Stewart - on 28 Oct 2013
In reply to linnit:

Here's a place to start:

This wall's brand new and I haven't been, but I expect it's very good.
tlm - on 28 Oct 2013
In reply to linnit:

The nearest wall to you is high sports in Rotherham:

You might find this map useful for finding local walls and clubs:

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