/ Preparing to start climbing

L Hodge75 - on 02 Mar 2018

After many years of wanting to try bouldering/climbing I have finally booked on an Introduction to bouldering session at Big rock in Milton Keynes this week!

I have climbed as part of adventure training or team building days before but thats all, I have no idea where to start but am looking forward to learning.

I have decided to go with bouldering for now but will look to do a climbing course later in the year when I have more time. I am in Milton Keynes so will be going over to Big Rock until the new centre opens in Bletchley which will be closer to home for me

Headed to Go Outdoors today to look at shoes as I currently have a small budget, not a great deal in stock though so came home empty handed. Same story at Decathlon. 

snoop6060 - on 02 Mar 2018
In reply to Hodge75:

Good luck! Just get some reasonably comfy, cheap shoes. You will have worn through them before it matters what shoes you have. You can then join the merry go round of repeatedly buying stupidly small shoes until your feet are deformed with the rest of us

teltrabm on 02 Mar 2018
In reply to Hodge75:

Have fun!!! Big rock itself is not a bad place to buy climbing shoes btw

L Mirky - on 02 Mar 2018
In reply to Hodge75:

The Climbers Shop in Stony Stratford has a good range of climbing shoes and, as mentioned above, so does Big Rock.


Kevster - on 02 Mar 2018
In reply to Hodge75:

Climbing can get under the skin, the obsession begins! Have you prepared your significant other for what may well be to come?

Enjoy, chat to people, be willing to learn and enjoy the journey. 

Echo the get comfy shoes comment above. This is important. Life is no fun when you can't use your feet.

Outside is entirely different to indoors, and is so much more of an adventure imo. Indoors though if you live near Mk will be your bread and butter. 

It seems so long ago that I started, but I still recall the excitement and fun had in the early days..... which carries on into the future days too.


L Hodge75 - on 02 Mar 2018
In reply to Hodge75:

Thanks for the replies and suggestions on shoes! I will take a look at Big Rock when I get over there, I ventured in to Stony today but the climbing shop had shut up early due to the weather I guess.

Really looking forward to getting started, I imagine most of my climbing will be indoors but I do fancy some camping trips to the Peak District in the water months once I know what I am doing : )

slab_happy on 02 Mar 2018
In reply to Hodge75:

You'll be able to rent shoes when you do the intro, and IMHO it's not a bad idea to keep renting shoes for a few visits so you can figure out what size works for you (since climbing shoes need to be worn tighter than street shoes).

Forgot to say, enjoy yourself! You don't really need to "prepare" for the intro ahead of time; just go and see if you get hooked like the rest of us!

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L Hodge75 - on 02 Mar 2018
In reply to slab_happy:

Thats a good shout, I don't want to rush a purchase and regret it!

L Hodge75 - on 08 Mar 2018
In reply to Hodge75:

Well that went well, had a great time at Big Rock on Tuesday evening! A very well delivered intro to bouldering, all the relevant info passed on as well as ensuring we got plenty of time on the wall. spent the last 30 minutes just enjoying the facility but soon started to fatigue!

48 hours on and my forearms are feeling it!! Looking forward to my next visit.....


L sarachen - on 08 Mar 2018
In reply to Hodge75:

Those early days are some of my favorites!