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AdCo82 on 05 Feb 2013
Does the Peak District count towards this or does it have to be Lake District, Snowdonia, Scottish ranges?
jezb1 - on 05 Feb 2013
In reply to An Triubhas: Look in the back of the syllabus booklet that comes in your logbook.
It lists suitable areas.
terrarob on 05 Feb 2013
In reply to An Triubhas: This is from the ML hand book:

In terms of experience, the quality of a mountain day lies in such things as the conditions
experienced both overhead and underfoot, the exploration of new areas, the terrain covered and
the physical and mental challenge. Such days make a positive contribution towards a person's
development and maturity as an all round mountaineer.

Usually some or all of the following criteria would be fulfilled:

• the individual takes part in the planning and leadership.
• navigation skills are required away from marked paths.
• experience must be in terrain and weather comparable to that found in UK and Irish hills.
• knowledge is increased and skills practised.
• attention is paid to safety.
• the journey is five hours or more.
• adverse conditions may be encountered.
• ascent of a substantial peak would normally be included in the day.

When i did my ML i had a couple of days in the Peak but they don't really count. My ML provider recommended to get above 700m ideally to count as a substantial enough peak.
Banned User 77 - on 05 Feb 2013
In reply to An Triubhas: Just get varied terrain..

The peak counts.. nav wise its one of the hardest places to be out in, but an ML candidate would be expected to have a wealth of experience on steep mountainous terrain in Snowdonia, the Lakes, Scotland etc..

But I'd certainly add days on Kinder or Bleaklow.. just maybe not Mam Tor.. Higger Tor..

Generally above 600m/2000ft..

I just listed everything.. let them decide what is QMD or not, it all adds to your experience base.

Leading a group across kinder in the low cloud would test leadership skills more than many days out in Snowdonia or the Lakes.
AdCo82 on 05 Feb 2013
In reply to IainRUK and Robric:

Thanks to the two of you. Very helpful indeed.

Sleepy_trucker - on 06 Feb 2013
In reply to An Triubhas:

As said, my provider also says the peak doesn't really count. Though I'd imagine they'd use their discretion to a certain extent - for example to squeeze you in on an assessment if they were down on numbers and the rest of your logbook looked good.

As I was told though - note it all down, it adds "depth" to your logbook.
Mark Handford - on 18 Feb 2013
In reply to An Triubhas: Its awarded by Scottish training board and they do put emphasis on experience in Scotland qmd. However, snow is snow and experience of being in a winter environment in various locations in the UK should be added to your log book, however never try to use those days as the basis for registering on the scheme as you will probably find the training course hard going, as i guess from your question that you are not heading for assessment yet.
george mc - on 18 Feb 2013
In reply to An Triubhas:
Summer or Winter ML?
Wainers44 - on 18 Feb 2013
In reply to Mark Handford: Did he say it was the Scottish award he was going for?
Banned User 77 - on 18 Feb 2013
In reply to Sleepy_trucker: I'm taking it as summer..

But I think winter can be anything, just more likely to be winter in Scotland..

Surprised any one says the peak doesn't really count. I've done a fair few night runs around the derwent watershed and the nav tests you far far more than 99% of days out in Snowdonia.. probably 100%..

deanr - on 18 Feb 2013
In reply to An Triubhas:

From the ML handbook:

Mountainous Country
For the purpose of the Mountain Leader scheme ‘mountainous country’ may be defined as wild country which may contain unavoidable steep and rocky ground where walkers are dependent upon themselves for immediate help. In the United Kingdom and Ireland this can be found in areas such as:

United Kingdom
Antrim Hills
Black Mountains
Brecon Beacons
Galloway Hills
Highlands and Islands of Scotland
Lake District
Mountains of Mourne
Mountains of North and Mid Wales
North Yorkshire Moors
Peak District and Northern Moors

Peak District is definitely in there, but it depends upon terrain, so a stoll along Stanage Edge wouldn't count.
Paul at work - on 18 Feb 2013
In reply to deanr:
The Peak District does count, think Kinder and the like. Now if you had a logbook that was all based around the Peak District, I would have an issue with that.

You want a range of different experiences.

Some providers do part of their ML assessments in the Peak District, before doing the 3 day expedition somewhere like Snowdonia or the Lake District.
trish1968 - on 18 Feb 2013
In reply to An Triubhas:

Yes it does count I did half of my assessment in the Peak and half in Snowdonia. I thought the peak was a lot harder to navigate around.

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