/ Radial head fracture post OP - when can I start climbing?

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Clararocks on 12 Jun 2017
I know this is more of a Rocktalk forum kinda question, but since this is my first time on this site I don't want to register straight away.

I broke my right radial head about 8 weeks ago, falling on my outstretched arm while bouldering.
I had surgery ca. 2 1/2 weeks afterwards (pinned by 3 screws and an anchor for the ligament),
so it's been a bit more than 5 weeks since OP and I am back to driving the car.
I am about half way between stretching it the full 180° and 135°...
Any of you guys know how long I should wait till I can get back to climbing?

Thanks in advance,
indigo on 12 Jun 2017
In reply to Clararocks:

I think that might be one for your physio really. I had a radial head fracture some years ago - they can be nasty. I suspect it will be the soft tissue damage and stiffness that will limit your recovery. The key is getting the intensity right and keeping it low initially and being patient. It actually took me a long time to get the full range of movement back and build strength and in fact I can't quite straighten my elbow and this does affect my climbing but everybody is different. Good luck with your rehab. Mike
Clararocks on 12 Jun 2017
In reply to indigo:

Yeah, I guess you're right.
Thanks, though!
Do you remember how long it took you to start again?
indigo on 13 Jun 2017
In reply to Clararocks:

I think it was about 3 month until I started climbing again. The fracture healed quickly but the soft tissue and nerve damage took ages. It took me probably 6 months to get the elbow moving properly. I climbed gently from about 3 months and gradually increased the intensity. If I pushed too hard my elbow soon let me know. I reckon it took 18 months to recover fully by which I mean get as far as I was ever going to get. As I said I can't quite straighten my arm which, for a climber, is a pain. Mine was a displaced fracture which was never properly re-set though so sounds different to yours. Be positive, patient and don't push too hard too early. Keep it mobile and work on range of movement and gradually build strength. That was my experience. I'm sure yours will be different. Good luck. Mike

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