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MadMermaid on 06 Aug 2013 -
Hello there..

I am interested in starting up sport rock climbing, i have done a few climbs here and there before but nothing for 6 years-ish!! Bad me!! I never took any courses either, i just got advice from friends who i climbed with, or just took a local guide out for the day so i would like to get back into it with doing a course so i know what i am meant to be doing and also be safe! I don't bounce so well these days!

Has anyone out there got a recommendation on a course and course provider to get me, and a friend out climbing the walls in Dorset, preferably Swanage, Portland or somewhere nice and chilled out nearby. I say Dorset as it is gorgeous and i live quite near to there so it is convenient for me.

Also, does anyone have any advice for me on finding climbing partners/friends as i will probably be more obsessed with going climbing than my friend.

Any advice would be gratefully received as i now have wheels and am itching to get climbing.

Thank-you ;-)
jezb1 - on 06 Aug 2013
In reply to MadMermaid: Drop me a line through my profile. I run JB Mountain Skills and regularly run courses in the Swanage area.

Been out today climbing on the sea cliffs in the sun - great area!
Mark Eddy - on 11 Aug 2013
In reply to MadMermaid: Andy at AH Mountaineering. Really nice guy and top instructor. The website is 'under construction' but contact details all there:

Hope that's helpful.

matthewpwilson - on 23 Aug 2013
In reply to MadMermaid:
My wife and did a one-day learn to lead sport course with Eddy Young of
He was superb and we learned a lot. Depends on your experience/budget whether a single day will be enough. If you can do more than a day it will be beneficial.

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