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Ian74 on 16 Feb 2014 -
I'm fairly new to climbing, only been indoor so far, but my friend has invited me to join him for 2 months in Sardinia (he's hired an apartment and is trying to fill it)
I'd love to hear from anyone who has climbed on the island and where might be perfect for a beginner like myself (as my friend has been 6 times and I am afraid he might take me to rocks above my level) ;)
Lukem6 - on 16 Feb 2014
In reply to Ian74:

the island is massive and full of climbing and lots of easy climbingl in 2 months fo just sport climbing you'd become really good, especially if you have to follow him up stuff thats hard for you.... great place I'm going for my third time soon. but Peter will be along soon to help you out more.
Ian74 on 17 Feb 2014 -
In reply to Lukem6:

Cheers Luke, thanks for the feedback I already feel better, if you are on your third visit it must be great there! ;)
bagger on 17 Feb 2014
In reply to Ian74:

I went to Sardinia at the end of September, we were based in the Cala Gonone area. There are lots of crags within a short drive of the town, some of the tracks are not tarmac - be careful if you have a hire car.

Amazing easy 30m slab routes, if you have a 70m rope, take it, as some of the routes are a wee bit longer. Well bolted. It did get hot when we were there, but we started early, and found crags that were in the shade for parts of the day. Afternoons spent on the beach, lots of good quality ice cream. Would thoroughly recommend it.

Fraid I dont know about any other parts of the island.
Peter Herold - on 24 Feb 2014 list of places on Sardinia with easy routes. We live 3 km from Santa Maria Navarrese. We have lots of people stay with us (see UKC ad) who are climbing outdoors for 1st time.
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