/ Top Rope Climbing near Ingleton (Yorkshire dales)

kyefrench - on 10 Mar 2018

Looking for some advice/suggestions. I will be taking a of group of colleges climbing, late July staying close to Ingleton, and will be setting up 3-5 different top ropes for them to climb for the day. Where are the best crags to consider with, good access to crag, good walking access to both top and bottom of climbs and the ability to set up several top ropes? 

Advice/suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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Steve Clark - on 10 Mar 2018
In reply to kyefrench:

Twistleton maybe. Quite polished and occasionally a bit loose on the less travelled lines at the outlying bits.

sheelba - on 10 Mar 2018
In reply to kyefrench:

Giggleswick is the obvious easy choice, e.g. Stone cold buttress. Castleberg crag as well.

GrahamD - on 11 Mar 2018
In reply to kyefrench:

Hutton Roof might fit the bill for you.