/ Working full time and climbing all summer

samsmith on 08 Feb 2018


What is the best way to climb as much as possible this summer but also work a 9-5 (flexi-time) job?

I'm based on the south coast near Southampton so there isn't much climbing around me.


Martin Hore - on 08 Feb 2018
In reply to samsmith:

Not sure how "9 - 5" fits with "flexitime"?

But I would have thought you could have a great time racking up the classics at Swanage on fine evenings, especially if your base is on the west side of Southampton. I know that's what I would do. Sadly I'm in Ipswich. Now there really isn't much climbing around Ipswich........



snoop6060 - on 08 Feb 2018
In reply to samsmith:

Get a job in IT. Spend an hour in the morning overwhelming some moron with techno babble. Then take the rest of the day off because in reality you can meet their demands in 2 hours and not the 10 days effort you told them. 

jezb1 - on 08 Feb 2018
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