/ Colorado Ice Climbing Near Vail?

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Will Walder on 01 Nov 2004 - 82-45-181-76.cable.ubr02.camd.blueyonder.co.uk
I am off to Vail (Colorado) over christmas and am keen to spend a few days climbing ice there.

Can anyone suggest good guides or people to climb with? Am also keen to find out anything else from other people that have climbed in the area?

Anonymous on 01 Nov 2004 - 160-110.law.du.edu
In reply to Will Walder: There is tons of ice climbing in Vail. See www.climbingboulder.com for details. You can post there for someone to climb with. I also think you could just walk up to the Rigid Designator amphitheater and find people to climb with there.
Will Walder on 02 Nov 2004 - 82-45-181-76.cable.ubr02.camd.blueyonder.co.uk
In reply to Anonymous:

Thanks, i will look into those!

MikeTS - on 03 Nov 2004
In reply to Will Walder:
bout 3 years ago I went with www.UltimateAscents.com, the lead guide Fabrizio was very good.
Around the Designator area is eay to get to from the road but there's no way of knowing which suburban house to park outside without specialised knowledge.
I'd be uneasy about casual acquaintances: there were some unsafe people around when I was there

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