/ Fiend's grade revolution is coming!

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pylon king on 24 May 2002 - inktomi2-man.server.ntl.com
watch out, for the answer to all our problems is coming!
let the world know, Fiend.
stoney in exile on 25 May 2002 - bzpp-p-144-138-166-208.prem.tmns.net.au
In reply to pylon king: You guys been in the pub? Don't worry, he/she won't remember a thing tomorrow. Happy hangover......
Fiend on 26 May 2002 - usr1920-bra.blueyonder.co.uk [cache-cro-hsi.cableinet.co.uk]
In reply to all of humanity:

My acolyte has spoken the truth. The revolution is coming, and verily ye shall be amazed.
cattlevet on 26 May 2002 - host213-1-21-98.webport.bt.net [webport-cl4-cache8.ilford.mdip.bt.net]
In reply to Fiend:

I know it's been flogged to death, but there's only one ultimate grading system:

Easy - if you can do it

Impossible - if you can't

P1ss easy - if you can, but your mate can't

Reach dependent - if you can, but your vertically challenged significant other can't
johncoxmysteriously on 27 May 2002 - dewarhogan.demon.co.uk
In reply to cattlevet:

You're forgetting:

'Not a very inspiring problem' - your mate can do it, but you can't.
Fiend on 27 May 2002 - usr1925-bra.blueyonder.co.uk [cache-cro-hsi.cableinet.co.uk]
In reply to johncoxmysteriously:

Infidels. You will be converted.
Vdiff Dave - on 27 May 2002
In reply to pylon king:

The imminent grade revolution can be found at

Fiend on 28 May 2002 - usr1416-bra.blueyonder.co.uk [cache-cro-hsi.cableinet.co.uk]
In reply to Vdiff Dave:

Pathetic. Such miserable attempts to interfere with and obfuscate the British grading system merely highlight the majesty of my creation in comparison.

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