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Neil Mackenzie - on 03 Oct 2006
Posted a while back to see about good places around Keystone for icefall climbing..... seems there is a hell of a lot, vail being the best?!

i am there for a week long conference and have a week after for doin some stuff, i plan to split it pretty much equally between boarding and climbing.

i am gettin a day with a guide payed for by my folks for chrimbo ;-) and wondered if anyone could recommend someone in that area of colorado? also, how easy is it jus to pitch up and find a partner?

cheers for the help!
any good stories of climbin in the area?

gary1 on 04 Oct 2006 - []
In reply to Neil Mackenzie: ..i hooked up with this guy in the Alps a few years back.He is from Boulder,Colarado and put up various routes in the area over the years...
Neil Mackenzie - on 10 Oct 2006
In reply to gary1:

cheers dude, that guy looks like the boss!!

plans changed a bit, mate is gonna be stayin in aspen for the season so thought id crash at his for the second week.......

still gonna get a guided day but aspen doesnt look as good as vail. anyone recommend anythin in the aspen area or would i still be able to do vail in a day from aspen?
Anonymous on 11 Oct 2006 - 71-208-209-185.hlrn.qwest.net
In reply to Neil Mackenzie: Some of the routes near Redstone (a 1/2 to 3/4 hr drive) are pretty good. Check out Avacado Gully and the Drool. Both are classic ice routes.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.