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Dave-Westlake - on 21 Oct 2006

It looks like im moving to Reading soon, and im after some info on the Westway wall. I looked on the website but it didnt really tell me much!

Is the bouldering bit any good? Is there a woody? or steep section for training?

Im not really interested in doing 'nice' problems i just want somewhere i can train through the week, ideally with a 45 degree board or similar.

Also, what sort of price is it for a session in the evening? (Im bracing myself!)

Is there anywhere else near ish reading that might be worth a look?

Thanks in advance

My Gravity on 21 Oct 2006
In reply to Dave-Westlake:

Quite like the bouldering there, and there is a fingerboard with edges of varying thickness. Don't think its 45 degrees though.

Adult Registration One-off £3.00
Adult Casual Climb Per session £8.00
Adult Off Peak Casual Climb Per session £6.50
Adult Monthly Pass Per month £37.50


Wingman@work on 21 Oct 2006 - host86-139-81-153.range86-139.btcentralplus.com
In reply to Dave-Westlake:

don't want to sound too negative, but depending on what time you finish work Reading to the Westway is a hell of a journey for an evenings training. Both the M4 and M40 are chocker going into London at evening rush hour.

They do have a small room with a woody (or similar) it's not that steep though. (certainly not 45 degs)
Dave-Westlake - on 21 Oct 2006
In reply to Wingman@work:

im probably gonna be commuting into london to work part iof the time at lease, i figured westway was kind of o the way back

ben in s.lakes on 23 Oct 2006 - pyb-adsl.demon.co.uk
In reply to Dave-Westlake: jesus dave, what about the climbing dude!! you can't move south!
Ricky on 25 Oct 2006 - whois?
In reply to Dave-Westlake:

Hi, There isnt anywhere in Reading itself. Most Reading people go to the Westway, Swindon or Craggy Island in Guildford, but the Westway is the best/biggest wall. Craggy is very popular though & does have a good bouldering wall.
You could so worse than to think about joining the Reading mountaineering club, they have a pretty good website.
Jon Wickham - on 25 Oct 2006
In reply to Dave-Westlake:
I reckon Westway is a very good wall (probably my favourite), and with a great pub just round the corner. The wall is a bit expensive though, but I guess that's just London prices! You might also want to look into "The Climb" at Amersham, though it's not that great.

BTW are you dave, ex of Ultimate?

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