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stan on 22 Oct 2006 - bb-87-82-17-11.ukonline.co.uk
I am looking to purchase a sleeping mat. I have been looking at the obvious thermarest but also found a downmat (Exped downmat 9.)

Howewever, I dont know anybody who has a downmat and thus I dont know if they are any good.

Is there anybody who does have a downmat (from exped) and can tell me some more ? Like to know about pro's and con's..

Thanks Stan
ben b - on 22 Oct 2006
In reply to stan: Pros: the most comfortable and warmest mat available: far better than anything in the thermarest line.

Cons: heavy. The inflating bag can fall off the valve during inflation, which is highly irritating. Don't blow them up with your mouth ever - it will knacker the down and smell like a dead dog.

Overall, thay're fantastic but heavy and require more effort to inflate than an equivalent thermarest.


Ben B

PS there have been threads on this before, but I can't find them on the search
Hamster on 22 Oct 2006
In reply to stan: Very comfortable but a bit narrow. You need to be careful turning over to not fall off the mattress. (May also be short if you are tall, 6 foot plus.
Inflation can be a bit fiddly because the stuff sack must be used to do this to prevent the down becoming damp from exhaled water vapour. This is most noticeable when you have to inflate it in the tent due to weather/ground conditions.
So far I've always managed to get it back in the bag without too much trouble. They also pack smaller than a normal thermarest, comparable volume to a three-quarter prolite.
Comfort is much better than a thick thermarest type mattress a the air can be used to vary firmness under you due to the larger volume. Too firm though and they squeak/grind through the night every time you move.
spaceman347 on 22 Oct 2006
In reply to stan:
I agree with those sentiments already expressed; super comfortable, super warm, a bit fiddly to inflate, pretty heavy. I have the downmat 7 and find it to be plenty, the downmat 9 would be an overkill for anything other than a long term basecamp situation.
gear boy on 23 Oct 2006
In reply to stan: same points as others, only addon would be too warm for summer sleeping, too much insulation, on a warm night you can get uncomfortably hot on it,

pity they dont make a tube to connect mat to pump bag, so it doesnt come off so easily and would make it easier to inflate in a tent
blonde on 23 Oct 2006 - ristretto.ucs.ed.ac.uk
In reply to stan: I have a downmat 9 and it's great - especially for sleeping on snow and frozen ground when one really can get away with a lighter sleeping bag as a result.

They do take a while to inflate but they deflate and pack away as easily as a thermarest. The level of comfort on uneven ground is superb.

The first one I had developed a slow leak after a few months but was replaced without quibble, the current one is holding air fine.

The climbers shop (where I got mine) sell the 9cm ones for 60 pounds....
'Hilda' - on 23 Oct 2006
In reply to stan:

I love them - worth the little bit extra in weight for a decent nights sleep!

stan on 23 Oct 2006 - bb-87-82-17-11.ukonline.co.uk
In reply to blonde:

Thanks all for the advice - as it is all very positive , I think I am going for the down mat....

Blonde - that link is a real bargain ... thanks for that
TWINKLETOES - on 23 Oct 2006
In reply to stan: Just back from the alps, first time I used my down mat, a bit heavy but its worth the extra weight for the levels of warmth and comfort. The bag can be a bit of a pain when inflating but no prob with a bit of practise.

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