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paul havill on 08 Dec 2006 - modem-2785.buffalo.dialup.pol.co.uk [webcacheh02a.cache.pol.co.uk]
Hi i have a week off from thursday and will be coming up from Southampton to the west coast of scotland with the chance that the snow conditions are going to get a whole lot better, or the visibility is goingto clear.

interested in either ice climbing if the conditions are good, or munro-bagging if not, to stick in my ML book.

any brave souls who also LOVE bad weather - high winds, cold weather, and camping in the snow, let me know.

could also pick up on the way..
Jules B on 09 Dec 2006 - 88-111-209-132.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com
In reply to paul havill: Not much in the way of snow around at moment...lots of rain and high winds. Some snow forecast this weekend but no idea of what it's going to be like next week.
Patrick mcbride - on 09 Dec 2006
In reply to paul havill: Hi paul sounds good! Would be interested in getting out. Conditions are not that good for climbing but walking is fine. Some high winds forecasted. When exactly are you off? how long you coming up for? I have to work friday and saturday nights otherwise am free. You preparing for your summer or winter ML?
paul havill on 12 Dec 2006 - modem-696.buffalo.dialup.pol.co.uk [webcacheh01a.cache.pol.co.uk]
In reply to Patrick mcbride: Hi will be coming up on wednesday night from southampton + hope to be in / at Glencoe bythursday. staying a week making my way up to the cairngorms which look fairly good at the moment.. bagging munros on the way. would like to do some ice / mixed climbing though.. inteested? let me know asap..
andrew ogilvie - on 12 Dec 2006
In reply to paul havill: Its as well that you "LOVE" bad weather, we've got plenty of that at the moment...bring your snorkel a.o

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.