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rab - on 12 Feb 2007
Im lucky enough to be off Ice climbing in Colorado for a month this weekend.I have a loose plan, which includes going to the Ice park in Ouray.I was wondering if anyone can suggest anywhere to climb on route from Denver airport to Ouray,any specific routes would be good as well.Any suggestions please.
MRJ - on 12 Feb 2007
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head to rockclimbing.com... HEAPS of colorado based ice climbers there! Some might even meet up and show you around, if you're really lucky.

Andy Donson - on 12 Feb 2007
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Vail has a bunch right off the I-70.
This link should get you there - try to avoid the weekend crowds....
DWS Searcher on 13 Feb 2007 - whois?
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Buy yourself a copy of Colorado Ice (Guide Book). Lots to do in Vail, Gunnison etc. But get to Ouray as fast as you can!!!
shaun crinion on 13 Feb 2007 - host86-142-61-18.range86-142.btcentralplus.com
In reply to rab: go all the way to the top of bear creak in RMNP and you will find a huge frozen lake and a massive frozen waterfall! Good most of the winter should be good now i reacon! have not been in a few years. Take some snow shoes with you though or you wont make it up, and they are great on the way back down!

cant remember the nearest car park.

If you are any where near YMCA Rockies, Eastes Park call into the pool manager, tell him shaun sent you adn that you wanna do a bit of climbing! Ledgend, he will sort you out! or speak to caron in outdoor ed, husband is local guide always up for a laugh!
rab - on 13 Feb 2007
In reply to shaun crinion: Cheers shaun, ill check this stuff out in my guide book.Thanks a lot.And thanks to everyone for the help and advice.

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