/ New Specialist Climbing Shop Opens in Ambleside

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Ian Barnes on 19 Mar 2007 - 88-111-130-47.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com
[New Specialist Climbing Shop Opens in Ambleside, 6 kb]
Lakes Climber is a new independent climbing shop that is now open for business at 3-4 Cheapside, Ambleside.

Lakes Climber was inspired by a desire to offer a high level of specialist climbing knowledge, products, information and atmosphere.

We want to try and stay true to the following;

  • Keep good stock and provide friendly advice on the best kit for the end climbing use, whatever that be. Amongst others we stock

    DMM, Patagonia, POD Sacs, Rab, Arcteryx, Montane, Hagloffs, Wild Country, Black Diamond, Moon, Grivel, Petzl-Charlet, 5.10, Scarpa, La Sportiva, E9, Boreal, Kayland, Mammut, Metolius, Prana

  • Work with the companies and brands that are dedicated to climbing and pushing the development and quality of their products for all our benefits. – Its easy to mass produce cheap copies in the far east, but companies like DMM that are run by climbers, manufacture in Britain, and spend all their time and money trying to advance the climbing equipment envelope, need to be supported.

  • Provide as much psyche to as many people as possible to go climbing in the Lakes - because it’s amazing. If you need to know what’s been getting done, what the weathers doing, or which birds nesting where give us a ring (015394 33660, open every day apart from Christmas day!).

  • Support the other specialist climbing independents. If we haven’t got it in stock, or can’t get it for you in time, we will put you in touch with shops like V12 or Needlesports who always give sound advice.

    So that’s the plan, please call in and see us when you’re next about. We are having a grand opening on Saturday 24th March, with live music, food and drink and a climbing quiz with prizes.

    http://www.lakesclimber.com is currently being built and will offer free shipping and a loyalty discount based on your yearly spend both online and in-store.

    Finally, for the masochist amongst you who enjoy running, there is a specialist running shop upstairs – Lakes Runner.

    It snowed today and the Mountains are finally back in full winter knick – Happy days indeed.

    Ian Barnes
    Manager – Lakes Climber
  • TN - on 19 Mar 2007
    In reply to Ian Barnes:

    Hi. Me and Muz called in on you the weekend before last - I guess when you were just 'moving in'. Even in the middle of the chaos you found time to have a chat with us, fill us in on what was going on, which was nice.
    Anyway - just wanted to wish you good luck with everything.
    nikolai on 19 Mar 2007 - host86-130-181-14.range86-130.btcentralplus.com
    In reply to Ian Barnes: Good luck to you and your team at Lakes Climber. Its good to know that the fire still burns for specialist independant stores like yours. I'll call in when I'm next in the lakes.
    Robert Wilson on 20 Mar 2007 - user-54470df9.wfd82a.dsl.pol.co.uk
    In reply to Ian Barnes: Congratulations Barnsie! Hope it all goes well, the Lakes has needed a good climbing shop for a while (;o)

    I will pop in for some running shoes when I'm up next as my middle age spread from being a fat cat retailer (I wish) is still spreading.

    Do you do discount for being in Bognor Regis Basket Weaving society?

    CENSORED - on 20 Mar 2007
    In reply to Ian Barnes: Good luck fellas, independents who look after repeat customers MUST surely be the way forward...
    IainWhitehouse - on 21 Mar 2007
    In reply to Ian Barnes: Congratulations Mr B. You still offering free tea to other independants? Or was that a special cos I fluttered my eyelashes?
    Adders - on 21 Mar 2007
    In reply to Ian Barnes: congrats barnsey!

    i'll certainly be popping in everytime i visit the lakes and will keep your new website as a favourite.

    Good luck but im sure you won't need it.

    Nim on 21 Mar 2007 - dyn118196.shef.ac.uk
    In reply to Ian Barnes: Hi Barnsie - Adam said you had set up in the Lakes. Good luck with it - we'll pop in and see you next time we're up

    arlow on 22 Mar 2007 - host-203-92-97-90.lga.net.sg
    In reply to Ian Barnes:
    Best of luck with the new venture matey. Go and get yourself a steak bake from over the road and have one for me.

    It's a good job I didn't get a climbing guide to Singapore off you, last time I was back. It's shit. Thailand's not bad, though.

    Take care,
    alex clark on 23 Mar 2007 - host86-143-7-193.range86-143.btcentralplus.com
    In reply to Ian Barnes:

    Hey Ian, long time no speak. Its Alex from the 'big smoke'. the very best of luck with the new shop. love the fact that you give 2 shits worth for the independent cause, advising and selling kit with a genuine love and knowledge of the product.
    i ll come see ya when i get upto the lakes in april.
    Simon came in the shop this last week and we had a good yarn.
    take care of yo'self

    london dreadlocks

    Dave-Westlake - on 25 Mar 2007
    In reply to Ian Barnes:

    Hello Boys!

    Nice picture. The shop looks good. I am sure that this will be a blinding success with you three monkeys at the helm!

    Ill pop in for a cup of tea (in the cafe?) and maybe even a brucey deal or two (!) as soon as woodwell dries out.

    Good luck

    All the best

    Geordie - on 25 Mar 2007
    In reply to Ian Barnes:
    Thanks for the coffee this am. Shop looks great. I'm sure it will be a success.
    Wishing you well
    Geordie Visitors !!!
    Mark Lloyd - on 26 Mar 2007
    In reply to Robert Wilson: Do you do discount for being in Bognor Regis Basket Weaving society?

    Does V12 outdoor, as my mums a member and I might be able to borrow her membership card.

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