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justin on 20 Sep 2002 - host213-122-111-129.in-addr.btopenworld.com
Pete or anyone else that knows

finally got round to looking at the stuff about ceillac - are there tonnes of routes there of all grades and lengths. Am not confident on ice, hoping to practice that out there. Did you use the french guidebook suggested on those websites you've listed or did you track down anything in english?

thanks again,

a last thought: where are you based? was wondering about possibilities of getting out?

Pete A on 21 Sep 2002 - modem-273.wolf.dialup.pol.co.uk [webcacheB03a.cache.pol.co.uk]
In reply to justin: Hi Justin. I just printed off the couple of links I sent you - they have pretty full desriptions of Ceillac routes there - didn't need anything else apart from an OS type map.
I'm based in North Wales and will be taking my learner mate up some cold style things this winter (not that I'm an expert lol). If you can get out drop me a line. I think that this year we will be heading to Canada for a fortnight to get plenty of easy to mid grade ice falls done. Might be looking for another couple of people who are interested in order to reduce costs.
Simon h on 26 Sep 2002 - host213-1-16-250.webport.bt.net [webport-cl4-cache7.ilford.mdip.bt.net]
In reply to Justin. Ceillac is a great place to go if you're looking to climb anout 3 to 5 (scottish). Theres not many routes there. Probably about 8 in total but they are quite long. Some about six pitches and have about a 2 minute approach. You probably wouldn't wnat to spend more than a couple of days there but it would be a good starting point and then you could head 40 minutes up the road to Fournel or Fressineres which are both next to argentiere le besse.

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