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UKC Articles - on 23 Mar 2009
[Approaching Red Tarn Cove, 2 kb]What are my options? Retreat? Maybe, but the two lean steps I passed would make a difficult down climb. An abseil is still possible using the rope I overconfidently left at the bottom of my rucksack, but I'm craving the feeling of reaching the summit, seeing the angle suddenly ease as I pull over the cornice, vista opening to panorama. Up? I desperately survey the rock step that's blocking my way ahead. The cover is much too lean for the grade I was expecting. This is only my second winter season, my sixth winter route, my fourth winter solo. I'm out of my depth.

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THE LYON EQUIPMENT COMPETITION A Grand Day Out is another creative competition and a chance to express yourself and share your adventures. As usual there are great prizes to win.

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This competition is closed. The remaining entries, all 34, will be published between now and the end of March with the winners announced in early April.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.