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Toby S - on 13 Jul 2009
Is it any good? There was a thread about it on here a couple of months back and it looks like Argos are doing the half price deal on them again. I've got a trip away this weekend and thought it might be a decent option if the weather looks good.

Has anyone got one and used it recently?

goneforever on 13 Jul 2009
In reply to Toby S:

I got one the last time they were cheap. Got used for a very benign wild camp, and looked like it would do the job as a one man.

My only comments would be that the guys, or more specifically, the guy clips might need replacing, as they could not be made to stay taut, and that the mesh door would not necessarily make for a snug time in late autumn or early spring.

But for 25 quid, you can't really argue. The poles seem bombproof if handled carefully.
the colonel - on 13 Jul 2009
In reply to Toby S:

How about this orange tent? Probably a bit more expensive

the colonel - on 13 Jul 2009
In reply to Toby S:

There's a review on this blog http://is.gd/1xgks
doz generale - on 13 Jul 2009
In reply to Toby S:

i have one of these and it's very good value for money. It's kept me dry in some very heavy rain and has stayed put in a storm or two. In fact i slep in it on saturday and it pissed it down all night. No water in the tent whatsoever. I've had it for two or three years now and it's been used fairly regularly.
Toby S - on 13 Jul 2009
In reply to doz generale:

I've just reserved one, for £25 it's got to be worth a shot!
goneforever on 13 Jul 2009
In reply to Toby S:
> (In reply to doz generale)
> I've just reserved one, for £25 it's got to be worth a shot!

Word of warning - if they stick the price up before you head over to pick it up, they'll try to charge you the full whack.
thewyrelight - on 12 Aug 2009
In reply to Toby S:

Reduced again. Now £17.99. Had a quick flick through the new catalogue and I don't think Argos are continuing to stock it.
Alan Dixon - on 13 Aug 2009
Just reserved one! Off camping this weekend and I was just about to shell out alot more for a very similar tent... they have one left in stock at cockhedge in warrington if anyone is interested!


Tom Last - on 13 Aug 2009
In reply to Toby S:

Slept in one for the past few nights on Lundy.

My only complaint is that the outer door flaps around in the wind. I'd consider attaching a loop to the bottom of it for extra security in the wind and rain.
zukator - on 27 Aug 2009
I used my new Pro-Action tent on a wild camp on a M.L.training course last night. Very good value for the money and much more room than my normal MacPac microlight. At £17.99 it cost less than a good pair of woolen walking socks .... amazing value!
AlisonS - on 27 Aug 2009
In reply to zukator:

I've got two; one for spares, bought a few years ago when they were £14.99. They've served me well; although the main one is starting to leak now (but so is my Quasar) Not a winter tent though.
Busby on 28 Aug 2009

Took one wild camping up in Glen nevis for a few days myself and was pretty impressed with it, incredibly light, easy to put up and also comes with some not bad spec kit.

Few criticisms though, pegs are pretty soft/flimsy, being alloy its kind of to be expected I suppose but they do tend to bend a little too easily, still an easy fixthough.

Could do with an extra guy attachment or two for a bit more stability from side-winds, though going by what a few of the others have said I'll probably be following suit and adding a few extra bungee loops along the bottom.

Only comes in one colour, though on the plus side it does help to spot it from a good way off.

I would say though that if you're planning on getting one then go for it, BUT Argos have withdrawn it from their line, go onto their website and get the catologue number off of it before you head out as you won't be able to find it instore without a internet enabled phone.

Have fun.


CH - on 30 Aug 2009
I've used my 4 times now, all above 600m in Scotland. I replaced the pegs and put two additional guylines on it. I'd highly recommend it and would now always use it in place of my Macpac Minaret for Scottish summer/autumn weekend trips. Great purchase at 24.99!

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