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[Black Diamond Sabretooth Crampons (Clip), 2 kb]For the winter season 2009/2010 Black Diamond lifts the evolution of the Cyborg, Serac, and Sabretooth crampons to new spheres —these renowned crampon models now feature stainless steel and a drastically enhanced geometry. This results in a clear and sophisticated design with various performance and durability advantages..

Read more at http://www.ukclimbing.com/gear/news.php?id=2104
5cifi - BAD SELLER on 17 Sep 2009 - 80-41-98-26.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com
In reply to UKC Gear: Interesting . Always thought BD poons where the best. Might replace my sabretooths with a new stainless pair
Henry L Buckle - on 17 Sep 2009
In reply to UKC Gear:

Mmm. Stainless steel.
ridgback - on 18 Sep 2009
In reply to Henry Loveless: My thoughts exactly, love my Sabretooths nice shiny new ones would be nice.
BrettB - on 23 Sep 2009
what about me! size 47 (uk12) i want shiney feet too!
5cifi - BAD SELLER on 23 Sep 2009 - 80-41-19-244.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com
In reply to sprymar: Het them and put the optional long bar on it. Hey Presso, you can have shiny feet !
CurlyStevo - on 23 Sep 2009
In reply to 5cifi:
they won't be shiney for long, maybe the SS is a good idea but hardly worth replacing perfectly good poons for!
GBriffett on 23 Sep 2009 - dsl-sp-81-140-6-108.in-addr.broadbandscope.com
In reply to all who are being sucked in by marketing:

Stainless is no better than carbon steel. In fact it might well be considerably worse for use in crampons. There are some very good reasons for NOT using stainless steel and one of the few advantages (that it doesn't rust) is easily sorted by drying out your kit properly after each trip out.

Don't believe me? Then take a look at Grivels website....In summary: SS-v-chromolly
1. NO weight advantage - same material density = same weight for the same design.
2. SS is softer (therefore blunts more easily) for the same strength/toughness... (anybody got access to a harness tester to check the alloy that BD are using versus Grivel?)
3. Anti-balling abillty - After they've been scratched to buggery any advantage will be lost, but you're almost certainly going to use anti-balling plates anyway, so who cares ?
4. SS is shiney - they're on the bottom of my feet, so again who cares? A total marketing gimmick.
5. SS doesn't rust. So what? Its not as if you're going in the sea with them. Just dry them and spray with WD40.

The disadvatage of stainless being softer SHOULD easily outweigh any benefit of better cosmetics.

ridgback - on 23 Sep 2009
In reply to GBriff:

I think we all know its marketing but as my old BD's are on gtheir last legs I don't need much in the way encouragement to spend a few more quid.

Interesting read though and thought provoking, so will have a good think about which I buy as a replacement, once again cheers.

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