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UKC Articles - on 07 Dec 2009
[Traversing towards the Bardsey Ripple, 3 kb]Are you sick of the ceaseless rain? Surely no-one has managed any climbing at all and we should all be investing in an ark, right? WRONG!

Mark Reeves and Martin Chester sneak down to the Lleyn Peninsula and find dry (ish) rock and blue sky.

Lift your spirits in a dreary December and perhaps get an idea for somewhere new to climb. Treat yourself to a Bardsey Ripple Sundae...

Read more at http://www.ukclimbing.com/articles/page.php?id=2318

In reply to UKC Articles: Nice one Jack! I would just say that the article was based on two short pieces of writing one by Martin and one by me. I edited them together and we came up with this. Both of us wanted to share our little adventure.

Was out there on Sunday between the rain, ticking seamstress and seams the same.
Tom_Harding - on 07 Dec 2009
In reply to Mark Reeves: Nice one guys
In reply to Mark Reeves: Thanks Mark - great article, good effort getting that done in the weather!
Derbyshire Ben on 07 Dec 2009 - host84-93-43-33.plus.net
In reply to Jack Geldard - Editor - UKC:

Great.. nice work Mark and Martin. I did a couple of these routes many moons ago and like you say, the crag packs a lot in for its size. Great effort getting out during this foul weather...
Dr Fran (Vagabond MC) on 08 Dec 2009
In reply to Mark Reeves:
Cool article Mark and Martin, and good effort....good to know it has stopped raining for a few minutes!!!
Another on the tick list that I must get round to!

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