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Dan_S - on 09 Feb 2010
I climb WI 3 or 4 on a good day (and have done one easyish Rjukan 5) and I'm considering heading to Colorado next year to go and climb stuff. Is there much there, and in the surrounding area in the WI3-4 range?

Having had a look online, there seems to be a fair amound of 4s and 5s, but I've not come across much easier.
MRJ - on 09 Feb 2010
In reply to Dan_S:
There is a ton of climbing around Colorado in the 3-4 range. How long were you thinking of going for, and at what time of year?
If it's a longish trip then a couple of days or a week at the Ouray ice park will get you more confident and comfortable on steeper ice, likely making the rest of the trip more enjoyable. Not to mention is a ton of fun in it's own right. http://ourayicepark.com/ is worth a look.
There are a season's worth of classic routes in the vicinity as well, from easy single-pitch routes a few minutes from the road to longer classics like stairway to heaven in Eurika (definitely a route you should get on if you're feeling good on WI4, if it's in good nick). Easyish to find partners, too, if you're flying solo.

Best of luck.
Dan_S - on 09 Feb 2010
In reply to MRJ:

Was thinking of a week in Ouray, then going further afield to see what's what.

I've done a couple of week long trips to Rjukan and a week in Cogne, so I'm thinking that 3-4 is probably my ability/size of testicals limit
george mc - on 09 Feb 2010

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