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carl dawson - on 06 Mar 2010
Nice article by Mike Hutton on Kalymnos in this month’s edition of Climber magazine... and some refreshingly new and very inspiring photos. A few additional points though:

The routes:
There are in fact over 1500 routes at the moment (1511 at the most recent count which is somewhat more than the 1100 quoted in the article!) and the number is increasing rapidly.
For instance, the Remy’s remain prolific http://climbkalymnos.com/57-new-routes-by-boris-girardin-and-the-remy-brothers/#more-2939 and Neil Gresham has very recently put up some superb additions http://www.blackdiamondequipment.com/en-us/journal/ski//bd-athlete-neil-gresham-reports-on-the-sport... I walked up to look at Raptor 8a at Jurassic last week and it looks totally, totally class. Similarly, Simon Montmory, the now-resident French climbing guide, recently repeated Neil’s route above Les Amazons at Spartacus and suggested to me that it might be the best 7b+ on the island. Simon is opening up lots of new sectors at the moment with major routes and projects up to 9a http://www.kalymnosclimbingguide.com/?page_id=5
It should be borne in mind that this flood of new routes does not consist of poor fillers-in. For example, even though you’d think it’d be worked out by now, the nearest crag to Massouri, Zeus, has brand-new masterpieces. Try Blonde, 7c; how on earth did this get overlooked?

The flights:
It’s also worth noting that Aegean Airlines, Olympic Air and, since February, Viking Hellas http://www.flyviking.gr/FlyVikingGr2/ all fly to Athens from the UK and may prove to be more competitively priced than British Airways and Easyjet. Check them out. Also if you are flying out during the late Spring, it’s worth noting that Easyjet are now offering direct UK-Kos flights as from this May.

carl dawson - on 06 Mar 2010
The full link to Neil's article is:



but it won't show it all on screen for some reason, so add the two bits together yourself!
27crags.com on 07 Mar 2010 - 244.Red-88-20-13.staticIP.rima-tde.net [43.Red-80-58-205.staticIP.rima-tde.net]
Here is one more addition to the article:

On http://27crags.com/areas/kalymnos you can find good topos from Kalymnos. Not all the crags are covered yet, but you can also contribute if you like!

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