/ Stone Country's Scottish Climbing Yearbook symbols

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KeithAlexander - on 24 Apr 2010
Some of the routes have yin-yans next to them, some have what looks like an alien head.

I can't see a key in the book. Anyone know what they mean?
Chris F - on 26 Apr 2010
In reply to KeithAlexander: I asked the same question directly to him on a thread on scottishclimbs.com and never got an answer. Will ask him again on FB.
Fraser on 26 Apr 2010
In reply to Chris F:

How did you manage that, I thought the forums went kaput?!
Chris F - on 26 Apr 2010
In reply to Fraser: They did, it was pre-kaputism. I think they are still running in some form btw, but the format is so bad I tried using it and gave up.
Chris F - on 26 Apr 2010
In reply to KeithAlexander: response from John

"the Yin Yang symbols etc... i forgot to add a key but basically Yin Yang means a well-rounded problem/route that leaves you with a warm feeling inside...better than the stars system I think. The Alien head means alien genetics or strength or body shape required and the bomb symbol means tread carefully/highball or plain dangerous hope that helps sorry to have been so cryptic!"
KeithAlexander - on 26 Apr 2010
In reply to Chris F:
Interesting ... thanks!
TomCE on 26 Apr 2010 - 188-222-43-34.zone13.bethere.co.uk
In reply to Chris F:

Hi Chris and Fraser, there is currently a functioning forum on Scottish Climbs. The old forum was much like this UKC forum (as you know) whereas the main Scottish Climbs site has been a wiki for quite a while. Now the forum is part of the main site, so it's partially user-configurable.

I have just had to register on this forum to make this post, and the process of registering on the new Scottish Climbs forum is pretty much the same. Logins for the old Scottish Climbs forum won't work on the new forum. Its functionality/layout is still being developed, and it's not heavily used at all at the moment.

The rate of development of the kind of functionality that people want, and the return of the number of users that it had previously is presumably not going to be anything like instantaneous, as there's essentially only one developer, who is unpaid but - currently - enthusiastic, and a small group of users keen on helping to get things working better. One would guess that the prospects of the forum getting back to the previous level of traffic depend on a critical mass of new/re-registering users building up while Mark is still keen.

Personally I think the new system has a great deal of potential, but it remains to be seem how many casual users are interested in a forum that is a wiki. The only reason I'm aware of this thread is because Colin Moody sent me a link to it - I suspect he was trying to point out that it's not just him who thinks the new forum is pants, but he didn't say!

Hope this helps.


Fraser on 28 Apr 2010
In reply to TomCE:

Cheers for that Tom, glad some type of SC forum is up and running again.

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