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Pesda Press on 08 Oct 2010 - galeri.plus.com
As How to Climb Harder by Mark Reeves hits the shops I've just uploaded the images and illustrations for the book at http://www.pesdapress.com/climbharder

You can browse and download them on the gallery there or from our How to Climb Harder Flickr photo set http://www.flickr.com/photos/29922022@N05/sets/72157625071841148

Feel free to download and use the images as a coaching resource. They're sized to 1024x768 pixels, so they should be good for VGA projectors for your presentations, workshops and demonstrations.
Let me know if you find them useful or if you have any suggestions: peter@pesdapress.com

You can also check out a sample of the book at the foot of the page here:
mrchewy - on 12 Oct 2010
In reply to Pesda Press: Quite enjoyed looking through them. Cheers
saintlade - on 13 Oct 2010
In reply to Pesda Press: That's incredibly generous providing them as a free resource, I'll be sure to credit the book where they're used.


In reply to saintlade: Hi

It is incredibly forward looking, however the publisher was keen to offer them as resources for coaches. As the author I was amazed by this, and as ever a credit would be a great thank you.

Hopefully you'll also get to see there context when you go out and buy the book;-)

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