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Ivan Braun DK on 30 Jan 2011 - 0x573a3d26.cpe.ge-0-1-0-1101.ngnqu1.customer.tele.dk
Hi there

I thinking about heading to aconcagua in january 2012 and was wondering if any other has the same idea?

I know theres a long time to january 2012, but doing it alone requieres some planning and co-work.

Ideally will we be 4 people, all with some mid/high altitude experience and experience from other expeditions.

Anyone interested?

Feel free to PM or email me

Feeling bold on 22 Feb 2011
In reply to Ivan Braun DK:

I heard about this at the weekend:

Bit of a sad and scarey end to a summit day. I have heard it's a pretty cold and windy place to be, as can all mountains be, but Aconcagua in particular.

Hopefully you;ll be able to choose the right conditions, if you go.
Ivan Braun DK on 25 Feb 2011 - 0x5da0ded6.cpe.ge-1-1-0-1104.odnqu2.customer.tele.dk
In reply to Feeling bold:

Thx mate - mountaineering can be risky business.
As I have been around a few places am i confident in that I'll be able to make the right descissions when needed.

As of now is the group for aconcacua 2012 up to 2 persons and we are looking into doing Ojos del Salado in the same trip
Feeling bold on 26 Feb 2011
In reply to Ivan Braun DK:

Too true and part of the attraction as well. Good to hear that, I hope you get your foursome and have a good time.
Rolfe Oostra - 360 Expeditions on 02 Mar 2011 - whois?
In reply to Ivan Braun DK:
Hi Ivan.
Having been on Aco a lot in the last few years can say that the beast is usually under-estimated.. It has a very low sucess rate due to its high winds cold temps etc.. build a realistic time on the mtn into your planning.. don't rush the peak .. get acclimitised well and give yourself at least 3 days to sit in either of the high camps and wait untill you have the optimal conditions!
I will be on the mtn from beginning December this year and my Business partner Raj Joshi will be leading a second 360 trip there early jan 2012. Come and look us up we'll be there to help you with anything you might need for your ascent! same goes for any pre-exped planning..get in touch.
Feeling bold on 02 Mar 2011
In reply to Rolfe Oostra - 360 Expeditions:

Is it true that steak and red wine are the norm in base camp and that it may be hard to do Acong. if you're a veggie? I'm not a veggie myself but wondered on behalf of veggie climbers.
Chris Szymiec on 07 Mar 2011 - S01060026f30aa8cf.cn.shawcable.net
In reply to Ivan Braun DK:

I am going there with my company during that time. Check out my website for a ton of photos and a proper gear list.

Feel free to sign up, hehe. Seriously though, drop me a line anytime if you want some advice and help on anything aconcagua related. I have no problem sharing advice anytime at all.

Chris Szymiec

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