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trish1968 - on 08 Jun 2011
Which rucksac would you guys recommend for alpine and crag use.
I've gone through 2 Berghaus 45 sacs but the bottoms have given way gear has made holes after about 6 months.
I'm 5 foot 5 but have a short back I've been looking at the Pod sacks.
Andy Hardy on 08 Jun 2011
In reply to trish1968:

For bombproof look here ... http://www.aiguillealpine.co.uk/shop/4/15/index.htm

(not particularly light mind)
subseasniper - on 08 Jun 2011
In reply to trish1968: Karrimor SF Sabre 45 in black is nice. Swallows a generous amount of gear, has a rope loop on top and nice axe loops.

Seriously strong pack with no frills, just good materials.

I regularly tab with mine with 20kg of weights, takes it no bother. Oh, there are gear loops on the hip belt too.

mountainsheep - on 08 Jun 2011
In reply to trish1968: I've got a Crux AK47-X and use it for virtually everything and really like it.
In reply to trish1968: I like my POD Alpine 40; does everything you'd want from an alpine/crag sack; some nice wee details; you can strip it down to save weight if need be; comes in a short back length size as well as the larger one
Radioactiveman - on 08 Jun 2011
In reply to trish1968:

I put my rack in a canvas bag or a drybag inside my osprey mutant to protect it from gear.Much cheaper to replace than a rucksack.

I use one of these


or one of these

Slarti B on 08 Jun 2011
In reply to trish1968:
I had a Berhaus arrette 45 l for a couple of years. It was very good value but did get a couple of holes in. Also I found the straps dug in when it was heavily loaded and was not so good when it didn't have much in.

I have now got Crux AK 47 X and it is fantastic, very comfortable and the fabric is really strong, it also has a reinforced bottom which should help you.
I am 5 ft 6 in and have Size 2 which fits fine. There is a size 1 on the web site but the shop I bought from ( Snow & Rock) only do sizes 2 and 3 so didn't really compare. The POD alpine 40 was good but Crux just seemd nicer and more robust.
TobyA on 08 Jun 2011
In reply to trish1968: Later in the summer I am doing a review of crag packs for UKC - we are currently testing 5 different models. Some are quite fancy and expensive, others basic and cheaper.

But overall my thoughts are, as people get lighter and lighter packs for winter and alpine climbing, they aren't so good as general crag packs. Most of us do more cragging than climbing with a pack on, so having a crag pack is well worth it, and much more convenient for that use than a top loading alpine style pack. Then get a light pack for alpine. Shop carefully and two packs might not even cost more than one top of the range (not really) all-rounder.

For example, I've been using this http://www.ukclimbing.com/gear/review.php?id=865 for about the last 4 years for weekly or twice weekly cragging trips through 3/4 of the year. At 40 quid it was cheap. Has lasted perfectly and means I can keep my lightweight alpine pack for exactly that.

andyd1970 - on 08 Jun 2011
In reply to trish1968: I have the Osprey Mutant 38 which is done in 3 sizes, so should suit your back length.I have used it for everything from winter climbing to multi pitch trad climbs. They are really light and can be stripped down to an even lighter version by removing the lid and the back pad. They have a waist belt that can be clipped round the back when wearing a harness and they have a rope strap too.
trish1968 - on 08 Jun 2011
In reply to TobyA: Good advice I think I'll do that. I'll have a good look at all the packs everyone has suggested. Using a bag liner is also a good idea i did try putting a sit mat at the bottom but it hasn't worked.
Thanks for the suggestions everyone.
franksnb - on 08 Jun 2011
In reply to trish1968: black diamond speed 40 is the bag i am currently slavering over. unlike you i have been unable to break my berghaus arete 35 despite trying for 2 years now
TobyA on 08 Jun 2011
In reply to trish1968: I've come to really love having zip open crag packs, saves so much hassle trying to find something at the bottom of your bag.

The BD Demon Duffel is big, simple, has a rope tarp and you can find online for as little as 45 quid for example. We're testing one at the mo'. The Decathlon own brand one looks good too for not very much.
elephant0907 - on 08 Jun 2011
In reply to trish1968:

I asked for people's opinions about the POD alpine a few days ago
mlmatt - on 08 Jun 2011
In reply to trish1968:

You could just get a POD black ice. They've such a good reputation about receiving and coping with abuse. Personally I'd try a old school POD sack, not one of these new things made out of lighter materials.

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