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Fly Fifer - on 13 Oct 2011
Evening all.

As the title suggests i'm growing incresingly concerned by the high premiums and lack of understanding most insurers display when you simply mention the word "climbing"!!!!

I'm exasperated with the lack of genuine choice for the climber and apart from the one that BMC/MCofS recommend i can't really find other genuine alternatives. Has anyone had any dealings with the company mentioned above? Good to deal with? etc....also any alternatives to investigate....all info greatly appreciated.



Minneconjou Sioux - on 13 Oct 2011
In reply to Fly Fifer:

I've had to specifically exclude ice climbing from my policy. I have told my climbing partner that if I die ice climbing he must remove all signs of climbing equipments and describe the incident as a "walking accident".

The alternative was extortionate.
Hooo - on 14 Oct 2011
In reply to Fly Fifer:
Aviva's standard policy just asks if you climb outside the UK. As long as you don't, you can just tick that box as a no and be done with it. I don't do anything apart from UK rock so I didn't enquire, but as far as I recall UK winter climbing wasn't on a list of activities they needed to be told about.
The company mentioned above were helpful and worth calling. I didn't use them because they just offered me the standard Aviva policy with a chunky fee added on.
Mark Morris - on 14 Oct 2011
In reply to Minneconjou Sioux: I remember when I first started climbing I told my partners to make it look like I'd fallen down the stairs at home. i'd only recently bought the house and insurance, wasn't going to tell them in case it cost more.

More recently we've had to re-new our life ins. One question was:

How high do you intend to climb?

How do you answer that? To the top, til the rope runs out, theres a little boulder problem at 28, 000ft thats on my my wishlist?

Hooo - on 14 Oct 2011
In reply to Mark Morris:
One thing you really shouldn't do is fail to declare something. I gather from Minneconjou Sioux's post that he's told them about his activities, and they've agreed to cover him but not pay out if he dies doing one of them. If you climb but don't admit it, then they can declare your policy void. So even if you get knocked down by a bus they will refuse to pay out.
Fly Fifer - on 14 Oct 2011
In reply to Hooo:

It seems from the few replies there really is a dearth of policy avaliable to climbers. As far as i'm aware you're as likely to sustain an injury which will alter your earning potential playing rugby, or indeed more likely to experience paralysis through horse riding!

Why make climbing the insurance pariah!

Anyone else found decent companies at competative rates....?
Milesy - on 14 Oct 2011
I have been quoted 35 a month for life and injury cover for all UK walking, rock and winter climbing.

I am debating whether I should take it or not.
Minneconjou Sioux - on 15 Oct 2011
In reply to Milesy:

What is the payout though?
Dave Ferguson - on 15 Oct 2011
In reply to Fly Fifer:
Try these guys: http://www.summit-fs.co.uk/

they specialise in life insurance for climbers
BenTiffin - on 16 Oct 2011
In reply to Fly Fifer: I am with Aviva and have had the policy since 2008. My deal was that I could have UK climbing - rock/ice and then could either have critical illness cover or European climbing cover but not both. I opted for critical illness. This was for life insurance on my mortgage which would be paid in full.

This came through the brokers who are based in Milnthorpe in Cumbria - I think they are called Summit Insurance.

John Dunne - on 16 Oct 2011
In reply to Fly Fifer: To my knowledge the only company that offers FULL and complete cover is Aviva and i would fully recomend Summitt Financial Services who have specialist knowledge in this area.
David Hallam would be a good guy to talk to at Summits
Fly Fifer - on 17 Oct 2011
In reply to J Dunne:

Thanks for the replies. i'll give Summit a call and see what they offer.


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