/ Dampness in Llanberis Pass?

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GerM - on 13 Nov 2011
Playing with the idea of trying to climb on Carreg Wastad or Clogwyn y Grochan tommorow, hoping that it isn't too damp now after two dry days. Anyone out and about thereabouts today who could give me some idea how damp it is at the moment? Or am I being a bit optimistic?
zzzzz on 13 Nov 2011 - host-78-150-136-109.as13285.net
In reply to GerM:

Carreg Wastad dries fairly quickly, but things like Unicorn, Lion and Erosion groove will remain damp.

GerM - on 13 Nov 2011
In reply to zzzzz: Thanks for info, looking at ribstone crack, and maybe shadow wall, trilon or if Y Grochan, Phantom Rib, Brant. Basically anything dry(ish) VS or maybe HVS. Just uming and ahing about where to go...
In reply to GerM: I would say its worth a shot, not only does it dry fairly quickly but today it was dry with very brisk wind so would have helped in dry. Good luck and enjoy.
Mike Nolan - on 13 Nov 2011
In reply to GerM: I did brant about 2 weeks ago, it had rained the night before, but was dry by 11:00. Don't bother with the last two pitches after its been wet, there is nowhere to ab off at the 3rd belay, and pitch 4 is terrifying and dangerous in the wet! :p

GerM - on 13 Nov 2011
In reply to Mike Nolan and Mark Reeves: All helpful, will probably delay decision till morning, see how it's shaping up. Otherwise it may well be Dinorwig, but will try the pass if I can, there will be plenty of days when the slate will be climbable.
GerM - on 14 Nov 2011
Was plenty dry enough, did Brant on Clogwyn y Grochan. Still some seepage start of P1 and bits of P3, but nothing that was a problem at all. Might leave next pass visit till spring now though, was a bit on the cold side today.

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