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Andy Mountains - on 15 Nov 2011
Looking for some soft shell pants for general mountain use & winter climbing. Must have braces or be salopette stylee.
Have had a look at the Berghaus Jorasse Soft Shell Pant which are around the £100 mark.
Any other recommendations at a similar price for me?

Styx - on 15 Nov 2011
In reply to Andy Mountains: I have been very, very happy with my Patagonia Backcountry Guide Pants. They're a bit more expensive (140ish?) but they've done me proud for climbing, mountaineering and skiing for a year now and showing virtually no signs of wear. They have waterproof panels over the knees/arse, internal gaiters, braces, thigh vents and reinforced crampon patches. They're well articulated and the fit is perfect for me, definitely a 5 star purchase.

I've heard a lot of good things about the Mammut Base Jump pants as well but couldn't find any to try on at the time I was buying and they come a little longer in the leg I'm told.
Andy Mountains - on 15 Nov 2011
In reply to Styx:

Yes I like the look of the Mammut Base Jump pants too. Had a look at the ones you have, but would rather spend less (obviously!)
Styx - on 15 Nov 2011
In reply to Andy Mountains: Aye, I wasn't looking to spend a penny more than a ton but when I tried the Guides on I fell in love I'm a sucker.

Patagonia do a Simple Guide pant as well which comes in a bit less, might be worth a gander!
wee jamie on 15 Nov 2011
In reply to Andy Mountains: Those Berghaus Jorasse pants look very good. My Patagonia Guide pants are falling to bits after a few years of very heavy use, so I'm on the lookout for a robust winter stretchy softshell pant. The Guides were fantastic, and I especially appreciated the elasticated gripper cuffs on the ankles - kept snow out without riding up. The Berghaus ones have gaiters with a hook, so should be good too. The Guides had four-way stretch fabric, which makes all the difference - you can be a lot more athletic and flexible in your movements. The Jorasse is also four-way stretch fabric.
The waterproof knees and seat of the Patagonia Backcountry Guide pants would be the icing on the cake, but they're a bit more money. Finally, I found the leg pockets on the Patagonias to be very useful - camera, food, suncream etc.
I had a pair of Mammut Base Jump pants - great for summer, but a bit thin for winter.
iksander on 15 Nov 2011
In reply to Andy Mountains: Talk about sucker - I have Back Country Guides and Base Jumps (But I always buy secondhand)

Both great but the BC Guides are burlier (maybe apart from the waterproof patches which aren't as tough as the base jump patches) but definitely warmer and more water resistant than the base jumps. Base jumps come in 834 size combinations, so sizing is definitely a plus with them. No real venting on the BJs, but they are thinner anyway, and no built in gaiters.

Patagonia mixmasters look good for a one layer solution if you don't like wearing thermals - you can get them for about £65 plus p&p from the states.

Never tried the Berghaus jorasse but they look good on paper - vents, braces, crampon patches and mini gaiters tick all the boxes.
Jimmybarr on 15 Nov 2011 -
In reply to Andy Mountains:

Another vote for the Patagonia Backcountry Guide Pants. If you can do without the braces have a look at the Patagonia Alpine Guide Pants, you can always team them up with a pair of braces.
Gazlynn - on 15 Nov 2011
In reply to Andy Mountains:

I too have the back countries and love them.

Another good pair is the ME G2 pants again above the £100 budget unfortunately.

Do you want them for this winter? If you don't there are good deals to be had off season. I got the back countries from the Epicenter sale last year for £75.

I saw these the other day. I don't know much about them but look ok.


Happy hunting

Andy Mountains - on 15 Nov 2011
In reply to wee jamie:

They do look good & the reason I am looking at them is I have a pair of 5 year old Berghaus extrem bigwall pants which are made from nano sphere schoeller fabric. They are literally now in pieces, but have been worn for probably about 100+ days of summer & winter climbing plus walking, and have been one of the very best things I have ever bought. (Mind you I did get them from M&M Direct for £55 instead of £150!) I have them next to me now & am very reluctantly about to bin them as they are so trashed.
Think I will go for the Berghaus Jorasse pants and report on here how I find them.
Andy Mountains - on 15 Nov 2011
In reply to Andy Mountains:

...although those Patagonia Backcountry Guide Pants are tempting.....
Jerry67 - on 15 Nov 2011
In reply to Andy Mountains: An internet company called Sport Pursuit have some very good deals. They have a pair of Haglofs soft shell at the moment for £75, not sure what sizes mind. The site works in an interesting way, but if you can wait a bit, they might have some more stuff coming.
Styx - on 15 Nov 2011
In reply to Andy Mountains: come to the darkside.... ooooooooooh!
Denni on 15 Nov 2011
In reply to Andy Mountains:

cant go wrong with Base jump pants, they are the dogs nads and I have found, will well outlast most of its competitors.
colina - on 15 Nov 2011
: yo andy seriously check out the decathlon soft shell pants .i bought some in stockport last month retailing at about £ 35.4 way stretch complete with braces and bult in gaiters and crampon protecters .comfortable too.
they also do the same tros which are fully lined at £99 but not so stretchy but 100% waterproof (ish).
jadias - on 17 Nov 2011
In reply to Andy Mountains:

Anyone tried the Rab VR Guide pants yet? Strongly considering getting a pair for Japanese winter climbing... if I can find some here or get them sent!
Andy_B39 on 17 Nov 2011
In reply to jadias: Yep, and i love 'em already.
Not as much stretch as in other softshells tho, as only the knee and backside are the stretch pertex equilibrium but ive not found them to be restrictive at all.
They tick all the boxes for me, brace attatchment points, thigh vents, tie-down grommets on the ankles with elastic cord adjustment, the crampon reinforcements are good and come all the way up to the knee unlike most softshell trousers. Another nice touch is the thermal wicking liner stops a couple of inches above the ankle cuffs so it doesnt pull moisture from snow up onto youre legs.
jadias - on 17 Nov 2011
In reply to Andy_B39:
Brilliant - sold!

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