/ Meindl Air Revolution Lite OR Scarpa SL?

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cbmurphy74 - on 13 Dec 2011
Have a voucher for Jackson Sports, need to use it today or tomorrow - last year's present! Anyway, had Meindl Island Pro for the past few years, but they are coming to the end of their life, one of the lace eyelets has just burst. Might get some repair job and retire them for the occasional crampon use, but gotta buy new ones and these both in my price range and on sale.

The main issue for me would be water resistance. Walk in the SW of Ireland, where the rain rarely stops and mountains often come with raised bog and streams, often even on the upper stretches, so constantly standing in wet land or water. The Island Pros were great, feet stayed dry in streams. So anyone out there know which might be best?



mgg - on 13 Dec 2011
In reply to cbmurphy74:

I have the Meindls- super boot for Summer, all year in ireland i guess. Thou i do prefer fabric boots in summer, all the lighter Raichles i've had have eventually broken/rotted after continually damp/boggy days out. However i must stress that is doing a LOT of miles in them. The meindls are much much better built in my opinion.
SLs are established, but surely must come down to the fit at the end of the day.
donny_matt - on 14 Dec 2011
In reply to cbmurphy74: Meindl Air Revolution Lite would be my choice. owned a pair for 3months now, 2 months trekking in Nepal and a month in the uk hills and not one issue from me!!

Best boot i have purchased in a long time.

The conditions you described however i would tend to buy a leather boot over fabric....

Sorry to throw that curve ball in there, haha

Gazlynn - on 14 Dec 2011
In reply to cbmurphy74:

I got the Meindl Air revolution 3.1.

The worst boot I ever bought IMHO.

They let in water and the stitching had gone within weeks.

Scarpa SLs all the way


thomm - on 14 Dec 2011
In reply to cbmurphy74:
I walked the coast to coast in the revolution lites last easter (wanted something lighter than scarpa mantas!). They were very good in the hot dry conditions and 30-mile days - hardly a single blister. Have not really tested them in the wet though.
cbmurphy74 - on 14 Dec 2011
Uh oh. Only saw Gaz's message now! And had ordered the Miendls.

Did so because I got a few recommendations on Irish sites that the Air Revolution Lites were waterproof. And what with doing a bit of economising, figured that it would be nice to get a pair of lighter boots as long as they were waterproof, and maybe retire the Island Pros to use around the upper ranges or in more testing weather rather than dumping them entirely and getting another heavy-ish pair.
fernie - on 14 Dec 2011
In reply to cbmurphy74:i have had the meindle`s for 18 months and can honestly say they have never let any wet in and they breathe really well because of the tongues. they are still in really good nick aswell, and have never had any discomfort at all. pretty bomb proof. no need for leather boots if they`re all as good as these.
gethin_allen on 14 Dec 2011
In reply to cbmurphy74:
I can't see why you would be comparing these two because they are so very different.
The scarpas are about twice the weight of the Meindls and non gore-tex and if taken care of will outlast your feet. My dad has the meindls, he got them for ~£91 on my staff discount when I worked in a shop. I'm not sure I'd pay the full price for them as they don't feel like they'll last as long as I like them to for the money. But then I say that from the perspective of a person who's had his current boots (scarpa delta) for about 7 years and I plan to get another year out of them.

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