/ Anyone skiied with action-outdoors?

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Nicola - on 29 Dec 2011
I'm thinking of learning to snowboard in Chamonix/Argentiere with action outdoors. Has anyone travelled with them before? I am also wondering how sociable it was, as I will be going alone.

JonathanBarnett on 29 Dec 2011 - whois?
In reply to Nicola:

Hi Nicola - yes I have, and I can wholeheartedly endorse them. I've waxed lyrical about them before, so I've cut and paste from a previous post:

Upsides: Cheap, simple, all-inclusive (lift pass, equipment, tuition if desired, 3 meals a day plus afternoon cake, travel if you want to take a coach), excellent for socialising / meeting new people and - generally speaking - reasonably good accommodation.

Downside: Perhaps less suitable for older groups or families (they in fact have an upper age limit, I think it's around 40 but I've heard it's flexible), and the accommodation (whilst being, in my opinion, perfectly acceptable) isn't as nice as you might get elsewhere. Usually a case of 4 / 6 to a room, but a limited supply of double/twins at extra cost.

I personally have only been to the UCPA Val D'Isere (3 times), and thoroughly enjoyed going. From looking at pictures, the other ones look just as good.

I have been before on my own, and whilst it probably wasn't quite as much fun as with others, it was still good. It's a bit of a roll of the dice - hopefully you'll like the people you share a room / share a ski class with.

Anymore more questions, feel free to ask.
Nicola - on 29 Dec 2011
In reply to JonathanBarnett:

Thanks, that's just the sort of info I was after. The other things I wondered was as UCPA is a french company, were there many other english people staying there whilst you were there?

lanky - on 29 Dec 2011
In reply to Nicola: You get a full mix in UCPA lots of french, quite a few scandi's and a few brits.
aliem - on 02 Jan 2012
In reply to Nicola:

I've used them a few times now and can highly recommend them.


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